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Sometimes I feel like..


Once upon a time in Paris before an Anne Valérie Hash Show at the Shangri-La Hotel. On my way. Caught in space. Just Me. Rushing.

Photographer: Claudia Fessler

Could we? Should we?


First Class

Can it be true that this doors won't turn for the next two years..? Certainly, an era has come to an end today. Ritz Paris is closed for renovation. This is so unreal, almost unbelievable. The soul of Paris, the heart of the French savoir-vivre, the most elegant terrace, so calm like heaven, the splendid suits fulfilled with the charm of the past, the magic piano music that touched so gently your soul and the R's everywhere.. I miss it already. Yesterday, at an Marc Chagall exhibition, I had tears in my eyes when I discovered the ''Sirene and Fish, from Nice and the Côte d'Azur''-painting. It is was so rich in emotions, so expressive, while so hidden..  Isn't this exactly the art..? Special thanks to Aurelien Orl Violet, the editor of ChicIsTheNewPunk who eternalized these doors.. Where everything began..