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Swiss Deluxe: Montreux Palace

With beauty around, the world is a better place.. 
Fairmont Le Montreux Palace

Luxury in Chalets

Do you Gstaad?

Sleeping Lobby

It seems to be a natural law that in a perfect world, perfection becomes perfectly perfect..
Gstaad Palace

Venus in Fur

And suddenly the pistol, and suddenly the knife and suddenly she's gone.. Light off. Such unpredictability, such tension could only create one person on this earth: Roman Polański. The revelation of our epoche. Once again he dared to have an impudent insight into the shadows of  a human soul jumping between fiction and reality. The actors loose control, the spectator looses control and the constant question arises: ''What is a play? What is real?" Maybe everything is just a play or maybe everything is really real..?
However, the most frightening question is: ''If you follow your inner desire wilder and wilder, who can guarantee you not being left tied up to a bloody cactus..?" Brilliant.

Unforgettable evening in Gstaad.

Remember St. Tropez..?

St. Tropez: The dream of Summer

Luxury of the Moment

''Time is the ultimate luxury. Fill it beautifully.'' "Davidoff" Salon/Hotel Ermitage/Schönried ob Gstaad


Valentino Haute Couture

Blackglama.. "What becomes a Legend most?"
Jean Paul Gaultier
"Tell me with what you pay, and I tell you who you are"-Picture
Wherever you go, the Chanel bag goes with you..
What I love about Russia is the natural predilection for opulence, extravagance and fur, fur, fur..

Vogue Russia November 2013