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Je veux..

''What is essential is invisible to the eye.."  The Little Prince


It seems that the Princess of the Bal de la Rose du Rocher 2013 was Chanel.. And Karl Lagerfeld proved once again that his sources of inspiration are inexhaustible.. The beautiful world made the world more beautiful.. Even if some choices were not very suitable..  Like RL..

Haute Beauty

Natalia Vodianova by Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Haute Couture
by Katja Rahlwes
by Gregory Harris
by Hans Feurer
Numéro Mars 2013

Hymn to Women's Beauty by Jitrois

Here comes the power confered by Jitrois. Here comes the strong elegance and the self-confident beauty. Here comes the dream of women's dream.. What I loved about this collection is the emphasizing of women's bodies beauty. By wearing Jitrois, you don't only look stunning, but you can rule the world..
Ready-to-Wear, Fall/Winter 2013/2014, Paris Special thanks to Jitrois for the pictures.. Credit:Matthew Thoms

Chic Léger by Anne Valérie Hash

It takes a lot of courage to start a little revolution. But this is the condition if you want to make a difference, if you wish to change. This collection combines styles that exclude one another, but Anne Valérie Hash has managed to join them in harmony. Impossible is nothing seems to be the statement. Brave presentation. Congratulations..
Anne Valérie Hash Fall/Winter 2013/2014, Paris Special thanks to Finch & Partners , Paris for the visuals.

Chanel's Poetry

Unique.. Eternal.. Chanel..

Be Mine by Fatima Lopes

Launch of "Be Mine".. The new fragrance by Fatima Lopes..
4th March 2013, F/W Fashion Week , Paris

Ice Queen by Valentin Yudashkin

Welcome the modern, elegant, chic and powerful Ice Queen created by Valentin Yudashkin.. Ready to dream..? Ready to wear..?
Special thanks to Finch & Partners/Paris for making these beautiful visuals available.. Paris, Ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 2013/2014

Imagine Elie Saab

Imagine the annual Garden Party of your friend in a wonderful castle near Paris with all the beautiful people from every corner of the world. Dress Code: White. So you appear there in this Elie Saab creation, wearing this marvellous coat with a chic nonchalance. The world is left breathless..
Imagine a dinner in the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. The doors of your black limousine are getting opened, you step out in this magical black Elie Saab dress and enter this wonderful place, looking most stunning..
Imagine teatime at Plaza Athénée after a l'avenue Montaigne walk. You listen to the play of the harp, admire the elegance of this place while wearing this wonderful turquoise fur and enchanting the whole world with its beauty..
Imagine the New-Years ball in St.Moritz. You enter the Carlton and ascend the stairs to the 1st floor. The Elie Saab dress is transforming this evening into a dream where only you are the princess fatale..

Special thanks to Elie Saab for the visuals of the Ready-to-wea…

Paris, j'adore..

Paris March 2013

The Magic of Fashion

Paris is not a city.. Paris is a dream.. A dream filled with wonderful avenues, elegant Hausmannienne buildings and beautiful, beautiful people.. Walking the l'avenue Montaigne is like walking through heaven, crossing the Place Vendôme is like crossing heaven..  And then there are those heaven's doors where you enter and the whole world stops, because the beauty shines right into your heart, filling it with peace and harmony.. Like those doors to Park Hyatt or Chanel's at rue Cambon..  Fashion Week in Paris is such a marvellous time that should last forever.. Yesterday, while having lunch at Costes and sitting with my friend next to the Chanel Istanbul table, surrounded by all the fashionistas from all over the world, it felt like watching a play très en vogue.  But it was real and that was the magic of the moment..

Beautiful People in Paris

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013/2014