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The Esprit of Milan

I am officially in love with the Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 Man. Very elegant, self confident, classic and chic. Very Cannes-like with brilliant elements, but with out this Bonjour, I am from Mars Burberry Prorsum - effect created by the electric trench coat colors. I loved above all the phthalo green suede jacket. A Just Perfect Cavalli Collection. I am a perfection lover because imperefction hurts so much.. Gucci was awesome as well. Prada and Jil Sander were very simple and simplicity was never the object of my desire, but there are at least two kinds of simplicity: this cold, quiet icy with strict cuts, thus absolutely acceptable and this simplicity that D&G presented. Why did they?
In this Men Fashion Fever, I was able to compose a very special Where is my jacht-outfit.. Result: fashion comes and fashion goes, only elegance and class is eternal. Milan has spoken, so it is time for Paris to come up on stage.
In the end, I wanna do it like we did it in Vegas..

Golden Rule

In a Better World is a touching movie which raises so many psychological and social aspects just a women like the Danish film director Susanne Bier can be sensitive about. After a swimming-pool day and a short trip to Austria, I wasn't prepared for such an emotional dose.
In a world terrorized by the media and credit rating agencies, where the race after profits breaks every rule by taking advantages of moments when people's minds are hypnotized by a small black and white ball or a colorful hat parade, following the destiny is the only answer to all that babel. 
Thus, God save Fashion, Beauty and the VIP Room..

Blonde Ice

,,What is essential is invisible to the eye".. By writing these words Monsieur de Saint-Exupéry initiated the issue of invisibility that became a new leitmotif in art. In life maybe as well.. 
''Invisible: Art of Unseen 1957-2012" is a current exhibition at the Southbank Centre in London that should absolutely be seen. Hence, WYSIWYG seems to be antique, because to see the unseen is the modern challenge of modern art and a modern life.  
From the invisible art in London to the most amazing dinner held in New York tonight where cinema met fashion met politics. Parker-Wintour-Obama: a combination of names showing clearly that impossible is nothing if you just don't be late. The Empress of Fashion spoke and she is right.
But after all, in this world caught in a cobweb of globalization, there is nothing more essential than just being yourself.. Visibly.

Dirty Money

France and Monaco are the only places where the perfect savoir-vivre is flourishing in a natural obviousness. Those places have an innate sense for elegance with an inartificial love for details. A love that needs no accountability, that needs no explanation. And Paris. Paris is the cradle of all the class that transforms life into a tale, that makes life flowing like a dream. I am travelling between Germany and Austria at the moment and I went to Liechtenstein yesterday.. While my voyage, I was asking myself over and over again: what has happend to extravagance and is eccentricity actually legal in these countries?  What I enjoyed nevertheless, was the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein in Vaduz. I was impressed by the cold interior and the exhibition of Günter Fruhtrunk called Paint Rhythm Existence. It was an overwhelimg feeling to step into this frigid space and watch his abstract, geometric and non-figurative paintings. Art needs space, so does my mind.. So relax and let your mind go.. Jus…

Rolling in Boccaccio

''It's a Man's, Man's, Mans's world..'' sings James Brown, so the question arises: "Is it"? Even if this is a subject for polemicizing, june is undoubtedly a month dedicated to the Man's World.. The Men Fashion World.  For the first time this season, London is getting an own Men Fashion Week and joins thereby the unrivaled fashion metropolises Paris and Milan.  I'm "curiouser and curiouser" to see the outcome of London's fashion aura and Milan's elegant extravagance and above all the ritzy Paris fashion genius. It is a shame that there won't be a Hedi Slimane show for YSL, but at least the excitement of a show nouveau will flow to the Raf Simons Dior Show elaborated with Kris Van Assche's aid. Their own shows will be a highlight as well, so beautiful days are in sight..  While reading the novel  "Pharaoh" written by the Polish author Bolesław Prus, I was wondering about a show inspired by the following …