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Women's right to High Heels

I have always said: ''Give a woman the right heel and she will rule the world". In our fast-moving world, we have about one second to present ourselves. People look at you. People juge you. Over. And that is absolutely fine. We all enjoy the freedom of speech, thus we all enjoy the freedom to juge.
What I cannot accept is the fact that because of this phenomenon of a ''one-second-jugement-world'', too many people try to fit into the pattern while loosing their own personality. Especially women, I call them blurred women.
They know that they work better than their boss for less money of course, they know that they are more intelligent than their husband but he is always right of course, they know that they are tired of their children but they are lovely of course, so they remain silent. And dress discreetly. My only suggestion is: Take your high heels and be yourself. No further comments.
Just one question: If Chanel gave us our freedom back, if Yves Saint Lau…

Fashion Love Story

JWK Dress at Fashion TV
Carine Roitfeld
Anja Rubik
Karl Lagerfeld and Baptiste Giabiconi
Anna Dello Russo
Ulyana Sergeenko
Anna Wintour
Magdalena Frąckowiak
Just Me..
Be who you are wherever you are..
Ready for the Next Season? Ready to Wear? New York September 5-12, 2013 London, September 13-17, 2013 Milan September 18-23, 2013 Paris September 24 - October 2, 2013

Gstaad Palace Switzerland

Gstaad Palace.. A wonderland for beautiful people.. A hundred years of tradition.. A hundred years of perfection..

If there is a Rolls-Royce at the entrance, life is just perfectly fine.. To speak more figuratively:
Photo: Dornbirn/Austria

Milano Memories

At the Gucci caffè
Enrico Coveri Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2012/2013
The only right direction is forward..

Sex and the City

Sarah Jessica Parker
Kim Cattrall
Kristin Davis
Cynthia Nixon

A big city, beautiful dresses, independent women.. We need so much more of such lifestyle..
Berlin, 2 Mai 2008

Chanel Silk, Jeans and Pearls

So if you ask yourself what to wear for an evening with Polish artists whose living room is fulfilled with various instruments, modern art and antique furnitures, the answer is a Chanel blouse, jeans and pearls..

Eloquent Colour

"I dream of painting and than I paint my dream.." Vincent van Gogh

Unique Sunset

Fashion and Freedom is what I am living for..
"I wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom.." Simone de Beauvoir
Leather Jacket: Plein Sud Sunglasses & Make-up: Chanel

Loving Monte, loving Carlo..

Because of Love for Elegance, Fashion, Luxury and Class.. Monte Carlo, Monaco

The Art Issue

The Art of Life through Art for Art..
Special thanks to the great artist Jacek Klyta for the unforgettable concert that turned this day into perfection..

Sophisticated Summer

Roberto Cavalli
Alexander McQueen

Vogue Paris April 2012