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Fur is in the Air..

I was so excited while attending that ParisJohn Galliano F/W 2010/2011 show (photo above), because art is blasting the boundaries imposed by one's mind.. And that was pure art! 
Art can always get Bigger. Better. Stronger. 
That's why fashion is so fascinating and we are so happy to have so many brilliant voguish minds around us..
While watching the Alexander McQueen F/W 2012/2013 show, the same excitement of viewing something ingenious overwhelmed me.. Fur was everywhere. Creativity was exploding.. Through Sarah Burtons hands, Alexander McQueen became suddenly Alexander MyKing.. 
A mind that creates inter alia à la Daphne shoes can only be an angel sent from heaven, even if this mind has already returned home.. But thanks to all those terrific pieces, we have heaven on earth..

By the way..

Spring in Paris, summer in Cannes, autumn in the German Alps and Milan and Monte Carlo and Vaduz and so many others amazing places somewhere in between.. This year is just special and completely unpredicted, so I cannot wait to see what is coming next.. I just love the excitement of the unknown.. I love being floated by desire.. I am constantly working on the liberation of my spirit, the internationalization of my mind and the exploration of my dreams.. Freedom is my treasure, beauty my companion and perfection my lover..

Angels of Allude

Because Beauty is the one and only Aim.. Because Perfection is the one and only Aim.. Because Fashion is the one and only Love.. Because..
Allude.. Fall/Winter 2012/2013.. Paris JWK


Paris.. The magic of Fall/Winter 2012/2013 by Chloé JWK

C like Love

There are places you just CANNES love.. There are people you just CANNES admire.. There are destinies you just CANNES not escape..