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Last Friday (OMG the time is flying so fast!!) I went to Wrocław as it was my last party night (Grey Music Club #whereelse) in Poland this year before heading to Switzerland for the winter. 
It was my third stay at The Monopol Hotel and definitely not the last. 
I love the location, I love the rooms, I love the interior design and the spa. 
I love the memories I had there. And I love above all the ones I will still have.
Sometimes, when you find something perfect, there is really no need to search further. 
Sure no risk no fun, but the younger I get :) the more I know what I want or especially what I don't, where I feel good and where I don't.

Luxury is peace.

Luxury is freedom.

Luxury is love.

Luxury is beauty.

Luxury is harmony.

Luxury is time for yourself. 

Luxury is attention.


Thank God for the Rothschild Family and for their architectural taste. The summer residence of Carl Wilhelm von Rothschild is now a beautiful hotel near Frankfurt and a wonderful oasis of peace. 
I love it!
While driving from Gstaad home to Poland I was trying to find a worthy place to sleep in Frankfurt and found by chance this wonderful hotel.

Villa Rothschild Kempinski - Königstein im Tauns - Im Rothschildpark 1

With 22 rooms Villa Rothschild is the smallest Kempinski Hotel in the world.
And it is so unique. I was so excited to breath the elegance of the XIX century with certainly all the comfort a 5 star hotel offers nowadays.
It's not obvious to find such a perfect combination. Opulent elegance becomes rare. 

I arrived shortly before midnight and left around 10 am. A very short stay.
But it's never about quantity, it's always about quality.