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Fashion Dancing by Newton

It is just breathtaking when you enter the universe of Helmut Newton at the Grand Palais.. An universe of fascination.. An universe entirely dedicated to beauty and dominated by beauty. It is said that Chanel gave women freedom and Yves Saint Laurent the power, but in fact Helmut Newton gave them both. The exposition shows his love and passion not only for the work he did, but for life in general. The beautiful life. While watching the outcome of his Vogue or ELLE shootings, his portraits taken in Cannes, Monte Carlo or Los Angeles, freedom is in the air. The phenomenon of HelmutNewton is based on the absence of any barrier. He breaks all the rules, conventionalities while just concentrating on his own vision. Completely limitless. On the one hand, Newton is amusing himself by shocking the viewer, but on the other, he is revealing the viewer's inner desire for freedom.. 
The exposition is a spaceship created through the dialog between June Newton and Jérôme Neutres who managed to r…

Volcano of Passion

Last week was full of emotions and inspirations. First the culturally sophisticated Warlikowski play at the Chaillot Theater: "African Tales by Shakespeare", followed bythe Debussy exhibition at the Musée de l'Orangerie which pointed at the dialog between different forms of art, than the new movie about the life in Versailles when the French Revolution escalated in which Diane Kruger incarnated Marie Antoinette perfectly. Nevertheless, too much is never enough, so I attended moreover the ceremony at UNESCO organized for celebrating the International Theater Day where John Malkovich gave an interesting speech. 
But what escalated today was my love for fashion.. I had an amazing photo shooting of the dress that I designed. It is an extravagant knee-length leather piece of art. My art. 
Teatime at Ritz afterwards was just the high point of all these incredible, unforgettable and delightful moments..

Ready to Flow..

Elegance, fascination and beauty is the key leitmotif of my life.. And perfection the destination. My favorite painter is Gustav Klimt because of his opulent use of gold, so let it shine.. My Fashion Icon is Daphne Guinnessbecause of being unique.. My life philosophy is Chanel. The most admired model: Kristen McMenamy because she's the incarnation of extravagance. Chill out and classic music: my life accompaniment. Preferred language: fashion.. Freedom the air to breath and red the color if I need some..

Flying High

A turquois, illuminated water, a dark blue sky, some stars, a wonderful fresh, spring air and the light of the Eiffel Tower glowing in the distance.. After my Wrocław-Paris flight this afternoon, I just had to spend the evening in the pool . 
Traveling is magic. My source of inspiration. Being able to see the sunrise in one country and the sunset in another, makes my day really special. I need distance to see things clearer, I need freedom to stay myself and reaching the sky makes me feel alive. Even if Paris is the center of the world and according to Victor Hugo: "Everything that exists elsewhere exists in Paris", the rest cannot stay unexplored. Not for citizens of the world. 

Perfectly Perfect

The universe of Louis Vuitton is blooming just in time for spring.. Already the LV spring/summer 2012 collection was a prefect tale of beauty with such a lightness of colors and the adorable incarnation of a Snow White dream, but the fall/winter 2012/2013 was the best show of the whole season. Marc Jacobs took all LV admirers on a luxurious voyage. A train arrived on the runway from which models stepped out having each their own porter who carried their bags. It was such a marvelous concept. The show was like a play about an ancient aristocratic travel style. Travel with style seems to be the message of the show, even if life with style is the whole LV philosophy. And after this prêt-à-porter dream, another started.. The Louis Vuitton-Marc Jacobs Exposition at the Arts DécoratifsMuseum in Paris. The first floor is showing the introduction to the world of Louis Vuitton when he founded his label in 1854. The famous LV trunks are the magic wands taking the visitors once again into the XI…

Fashion is my Life

I cannot believe it, but the Paris Fashion Week is over. Lie Sang Bong presented an extraordinary show to close this terrific days. Nine days full of passion, emotions and pure beauty. Nine days of trends presentation, inspiration creation and art dispersion. Nine days of breathing energy created by the greatest fashion iconsof the world. I was very pleased to cross Anna Wintour, Christiane Arp, Franca Sozzani, Anna Dello Russo and above all Daphne Guinness - the most remarkable fashion iconof the XXI century. I love fashion for the sophisticated lifestyle that it imposes so naturally. It changes life into a marvelous world with a special admiration for details. So even if the fashion week might be over, fashion remais. The love for artful style remains, because love for fashion is the only love that lasts eternally.

Reality driven by desire

Once upon a time, in the City of Lights, there was an amazing Issey Miyake Show at the Grand Palais. It started with a performance where illusions turned into reality or reality turned into an illusion. But in the times of Fashion Week, reality doesn't play any role. Days, hours and shows transform into one whole fashion feast. In fact, fashion has nothing to do with reality. But here comes the question: What is reality actually? Karl Lagerfeld said in an interview with Hamish Bowles: "I like the vision, the idea of reality, but I don't want to know too much about it". Me, I like the idea of fashion being reality.. 
To gather those ideas, I went to Costes in the afternoon before flowing in the evening to a real Hexa by Kuho Show inspired by the conflicting emotions of love. 
Emotions - the engine of a life driven by an inner desire. And desire is the force one should trust and respect and follow.. 

Talk to me Fashion..

The photo of Sébastien Jondeau at the vernissage of Alexandra Golovanoff at the Jérôme de Noirmont Gallery was my highlight of this third day of Fashion Week shows and events. Even if I loved the Barbara Bui Show at the Westin Hotel as well. But life from the view of a front row gets just another dimension. Fashion makes life magic. It turns it into a tale of wonder and beauty. Who saw the candles along the Jardin the Tuileries that indicated the way to the Nina Ricci Show in the dark, knows exactly what I am talking about..