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You're my river running high, run deep, run wild..

If you need a miracle live every moment like your last and be so excited about like it would be the first.. 

Selfish Love..

The greatest luxury in life is to have somebody who knows the answer even without asking, who speaks the same language even without saying a word.. Those persons are rare.. And it's a miracle to find them.. They are like diamonds.. But diamonds are forever..

The day I met van Dongen..

While enjoying my morning coffee on the Dolce Vita terrace, I was asked by my friend what I was planning for my birthday.. I took a look-around in that beautiful place and I thought: There is no need to plan anything, I'm celebrating already. In fact, every day is my birthday, every day is special, every moment is unique.. 
In the afternoon I visited the Museum of Modern Art and I felt in love with Kees van Dongen. He was somebody who understood how to celebrate life and I just admire that..! He said:,,Living is the most beautiful picture. The rest is just painting." So the only thing I can say is: ,,My life is my most beautiful picture. The rest are just photos."
Happy birthday to me..

Is there any progress limit..?

After another black&white photo session, while having lunch on the Costes terrace, I was accused of wanting too much at once. However,  in a world where we are constantly confronted with the speed limit, where the period of our lives is quite limited and where every brand is creating their limited editions, can I allow myself to limit as well my dreams? Of course I can't and of course I won't. Therefore, after careful considerations, I have to reject the accusation.. I don't have the time and I don't have the lust to limit anything. It was believed the sky is the limit, but even this is already outdated.. So long live the progress.. Unlimited..

Catching the light..

Being at the Manet exposition at the Musée d'Orsay I really tried but I just couldn't find out what is so fascinating about his paintings. They are sad. They are boring. For me personally, Monet was a painter who really had the ability to catch the light or van Gogh was a genius who created in a revolutionary way, but predilection for art is a topic it shouldn't be discussed about. To quote Karl Lagerfeld, the quintessence of the XXI century's art: Fashion, music and art escape every logical concept. He is right. Admiration is unexplainable.

1 May at the Hotel Costes..

Does coincidence exist..? And if it does, what should we do with this chances that life produces sometimes..? Is life just playing with us or have some incredible situations really a meaning..? I spend the most beautiful Easter at the Park Hyatt where I realized that fairy tales can be real if you give them a chance to be.. So being today with my best friend at Costes, we decided to give them a chance.. To be continued..