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Breeze of surrealism..

I was talking with friends about Salvador Dali last week. In an old Vogue that I read this morning while drinking my morning coffee at the terrace of the Palace in Antonin I found another article about him and I felt in love with his egocentric lifestyle. I liked when he said: Modesty is not exactly my speciality. Why should it be..?
In the afternoon I had an extraordinary ride with my cousin on his motor bike to the Sokolnik Palace. It was the second ride this week and I loved both so much. The speed is amazing, the feeling is pure excitement, pure pleasure..
Life fulfilled with pleasure is all I want. Overdose of pleasure is all I have.

Life is a theatre..

Last year I admired the play A Doll's House written by the Norvegian playwright Henrik Ibsen in the Théâtre de la Madeleine in Paris where Audrey Tautou performed the role of Nora, a women who found the courage to quit the life she was pushed into by the tradition and social expectation. The play was first published in 1879 and it was very controversial because it criticised the 19th century marriage norms. The play shows the need of every individual to find out the kind of person he or she really is and to strive to become that person.
Today, at the Puppet Theatre in Wroclaw I was wondering how many people know the art of being themselves. Being free from restraint, duty, schematic lifestyle.. Playing with life.. Enjoying it.. Profiting from extraordinary moments even in an apparently ordinary day..

Over the top..

Silence.. A pleasure for senses.. A feast for my mind.. People in love have the strong desire to spend time together and that's why I love so much spending time with myself. I am sorry for those who aren't able to be alone. And I don't like people who I feel sorry for. Life is strange. Life is fun. Life is unpredictable. While watching a great movie: ,,Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a family" it became even more clear that life can't be taken too seriously. Oscar Wilde said as well that life is too important to be taken seriously. Thus the only thing that counts for me is living my dreams and my expectations aren't high: I just want the best.

My home is my castle..

After another wonderful Garden Party at the Château de Beauregard where chic and class were naturally and the fireworks, ambience and style breathtaking, my admiration for palaces, castles and manors rose even more. Thus, I crossed half Europe and once arrived in Poland I am occupied with palace-hunting.. So I spent my Sunday afternoon in the Borowa Palace, Tuesday in Sokolnik Palace and today I have visited a great manor in Nosale and I have discovered a magic palace in Mikorzyn.. Those places open their gates to another world.. The world of beauty and elegance, savoir-vivre and refined manners, artful lifestyle and life fulfilled with art..

The kingdom of exclusivity..

Some people spend their whole life looking for the right person to live with. I have this great fortune having found the right city to live in.. Every day in Paris is special, every day is a combination of small pleasures which according to the Ritz Paris Magazine is true luxury.. I went to the Ritz yesterday at my coffee time but I had to stay for tea time as well.. I just couldn't leave.. ,,The Ritz is my home" said Coco Chanel so there is anything to add. This palace has a soul, a beautiful soul, an exclusive one.. Milla Jovovich spent there her afternoon with her daughter as well, like another woman who was at the Dior Show this week and another who was at the Chanel Show.. Paris is small. Paris is amazing. My friend said that after living in Paris you can't live anywhere else which mirrors exactly my opinion.. Maybe in New York. Maybe.

La vie en haute..

Most people don't like mondays, but when the week starts with a wonderful Anne Valérie Hash Show at the wonderful Shangri-La Hotel in Paris the world just looks wonderful.. I love such mondays and such days in general, but the Haute Couture Fashion Week is just something special.. Beautiful couture masterpieces, beautiful places, beautiful people.. Moreover, this morning at the Armani Show the whole celebrity world arrived: Anna Wintour of course, Katie Holmes, Cate Blanchett, Daphne Guinness and many, many more.. While having lunch at Le Coq the only thing I could think about was: Life is good..