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Do not question, find the answer..
by Qamile Sterna Paris


And I said I love you.. The Alpina Gstaad
Le Grand Bellevue.. Special thanks to Daniel Koetser for the perfect opening day..
There is no barrier for love..
 Chill Out - Alpina In..
Ralph Lauren Gstaad
Louis Vuitton Gstaad
 But where is Chanel..?
At least there is Van Gogh at Alpina
The Alpina #just#absoluetly#happy

Sexy Sweet Jitrois

"These women are armed, but with the power to seduce and to inspire." Official Press Release
Jitrois Autumn/Winter 2014/2015
Special thanks to the Jitrois Press Office for these wonderful pictures.


The Walig Hut. An incredible place in the middle of Swiss mountains. The perfect place to follow a new trend which is glamping (glamour+camping).. The idea behind is to enjoy wild nature without waiving luxury.. 

In the end freedom is the greatest luxury of all..
The Gstaad Palace Alpine Hut "Walig" awarded best wilderness hotel by Condé Nast.

Gold, Golder, Versailles

Madame de Pompadour excelled at an art which the majority of human beings thoroughly despise because it is unprofitable and ephemeral:
 the art of living.

Few human beings since the world began can have owned so many beautiful things.
Versailles presented a cheerful spectacle of several thousand people living for pleasure and very much enjoying themselves.

..a life without worries and without remorse, of a perfectly serene laziness of the spirit, of perpetual youth, of happy days out of doors and happy evenings chatting and gambling in the great wonderful palace..
If ever a house radiated cheerfulness, that house is Versailles.
The four main pastimes were love, gambling, hunting and the official entertainments.

Love was played like a game, or like a comedy.

..enormous fortunes were won and lost.. They could not help loving anything that made them laugh.

Who leaves the table loses the game.
Quotes from "Madame de Pompadour " by Nancy Mitford

Forever Black Jacket

Chanel. The Little Black Jacket. Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld Berlin 2012