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November Issue

To make this last november day special, I went to the Champs-Elysées Theater. The Saint Petersbourg Philharmonic Orchestra with Denis Matsuev at the piano and Prokofiev and Shostakovitch and Tchaikovsky made this evening even very special.. And there can be nothing more wonderful than after such an emotional concert walking down the most beautiful avenue in Paris: The Avenue Montaigne.. 
I had a less pleasant touch with the Russian reality last week: "Khodorovsky" - a movie to see. 
But even if life has different façades, what counts today is:
 "Let it snow gold like at Dior.."


I read a quote of Karl Lagerfeld issued by Fashion TV today: "I'm very much down to earth, just not this earth". Words that made me smile. Another person who seems to be down to another earth is Anna Dello Russo, a famous fashion maniac I really felt in love with. Her style is awesome and she looks great no matter what she is wearing. I just love people who live for their passion, out of a standard scheme. Standard, normal, routine - all these words don't exist in my dictionary and they just disgust me more than words can say. That's why I love fashion so much: Fashion is never the same, it is always surprising, unpredictable, inspiring and above all.. extravagant..

A wonderland par excellence

The saturday night at l'Arc can be described just by two words: Champagne Shower. Even if a friend was right to say that one doesn't love Paris just for l'Arc, it could be nonetheless a crucial matter to do so. And of course one doesn't love Paris just for spending a monday morning at the magic Four Season, but it could be a considerable argument to do so. 
However, the most important reason why I love Paris, is the fact that the city gives me the freedom to be myself. And being free is all I'm seeking for. A greek historian said already about 440 BC: ,,The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage" and this is still true today..

Light in the Dark

Paris - the city of light, the city of boundless possibilities.. with an limited access.. So the question that always arise is: How far are you willing to go in order to reach your dreams? Gisèle Freund, a german photographer whose work is exhibited at the Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent Foundation went far, even if it wasn't always her choice. Predestination? Coincidence? Nothing but desire? Something that was stronger than her? I heard someone saying that fame rests a mystery. Nevertheless, whatever and whenever we do, it has to be done with passion. Only passion is the key to the.. everything.

Sleeping Beauty

We should never be afraid of closing the gates of our past and we cannot live being obsessed with attending the futur, what we have to do is just living our here and now, enjoying the present.. Of course we have to have dreams but we have to live them and not just staying in a state of dreaming.. In the end there are no right or wrong ways, right or wrong decisions as long as they are taken by ourselves..!

Breakfast at Galignani's

A saturday morning spent in the wonderful bookshop Galignani at the rue de Rivoli while being surrounded with all the stories, books, albums that are inspiring you up from the old, hardwood shelves is really an amazing experience and book shopping became another passion of mine. Combing this with a drink at Le Meurice afterwards makes this even more exciting.. 
Moreover, for those who love beauty and elegance and the flavor of a wonderful life, I can just recommend the Nissim de Camondo Museum: a place that shows an example of pure dolce vita even if there was finally no happy end, but such is life sometimes. So we have to enjoy and celebrate today, because nobody knows what tomorrow will be like.