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Paris Coming Soon

In January, I went to Milan for the Men Fashion Week, so I did last Friday, but this time for the Women Prét-à-Porter, because watching the city filled with black limousines of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana on almost every street, makes my heart dancing. And there are the other happinessess like the mandatory Italian Vogue purchase at my beloved Libreria Rizzoli/Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II or a coffee at the Emporio Armani Caffè or finding by accident an amazing restaurant in the Via Gesù after the Versace Show, even if it is Dolce&Gabbana that was my absolutely highlight this season in Milan.
For the weekend, I returned to the German Alps and I had a great haute cuisine lunch at Bergkristall on Sunday, which has a great terrace with an amzing view at the German and Austrian, currently wonderfully snow-covered, mountains. Of course, it is not as great as the Carlton's in St.Moritz, but it is really nice. Yesterday, I had an amazing horseback riding morning, something I…

Milano Moda Donna

Once again, Franca Sozzani's proved her great style by wearing a wonderful dark green coat at the Bluemarine show this afternoon. In the evening, at the Versace show, she added a touch of sophistication and enchanted the fashion world with her panther coat. She has the perfect italian style: elegant and tasteful while emphasizing an unmistakable personal note. Another remarkable italian icon sent a clear message at the Versace show today with a golden heart made of sequins at the back of her black leather jacket. It was Anna Dello Russo of course..  Fashion is art. Fashion is culture. And Milan understands this perfectly. Walking the Via Montenapoleone or the Via Manzoni isheaven for a beauty loving soul. What I found interesting is that the Armani flagship store in via Manzoni has the same number as Chanel's in the rue Cambon in Paris. Coincidence..? I don't now, but I love them both for different reasons.Good night Beautiful People..

Inspirations from Munich

Talbot Runhof

London Fashion Highlights

I am fascinated, I really am. London is the cradle of creativity which is confirmed by watching the catwalks. They lead design to other dimensions. 
I loved the Burberry Prorsum Show. The pencil skirt with brown snake prints was my absolute highlight. But I am generally in love with animal prints, so the show made my heart beating faster. The panther coats and jackets with moreover golden belts and the leather fringes on bags and skirts and tops.. Fascinating, just fascinating.  Mulberry presented a great collection as well. Above all the black coats with fur sleeves were very elegant and combined with elbow-long gloves made a great appearance. I saw such gloves already last season in Paris, but they are always en vogue. Elegance is just timeless. 
 Saint Hill Couture/Creativity from London

Mr. Galliano in New York

My definition of the American Dream is the New York Fashion Week. I loved the two-piece belly top concept in the Calvin Klein Collection, either in blue with a knee-length skirt or in black with ankle-length pants. I loved Ralph Lauren as well, because of its unmistakable fidelity to the RL style. Moreover, the use of velvet was very elegant, baroque somehow. But what I loved above all, was the return of Mr. Galliano. Though unofficially, he is there. He is collaborating with Oscar de la Renta and this was high time for him to return and it was high time for us to have him back. Fashion needs Galliano.. Urgently.
Looking forward to London.

True Visions

I love Woody Allen's movies.. They have such a lightness, freshness.. They touch seriousness with a fascinating ease.., they break prejudices and play with them.. Perfect mixture.. Unique and unmistakable.. The real genius consists in transforming visions in reality..

Inspirations en Vogue

Vogue Germany  January 2013

Paris, Paris..

Because everything you love, you will find in Paris..

White Dream

The greatest luxury is to free your mind and your body and your soul.. The heart has to travel in order to beat.. Following dreams and don't taking "no" for an answer, going beyond borders and never stop..