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Impulse for Greatness

VID* for February:
02/10/17.02/13: White Turf St. Moritz
09/02/13:          ''Elegance" Stylish Furniture Store Opening in Poland
07-14/02/13:     NYC Fashion Week
15-19/02/13:     London Fashion Week
20-26/02/13:    Milan Fashion Week
26-06/02/13:    Paris Fashion Week

*Very important dates

Karl's Beauties

Vanessa Paradis
Charlotte Casiraghi 
Natalia Vodianova
The Little Black Jacket BerlinDecember 2012 Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

Moda internazionale: MILANO

A temple of fashion - is the only appropriate description of this magic city. It is a place where fashion is authentic, where you can breathe it, where you can watch it, where you can feel it.. The Milan Fashion District emanates with an inimitable esthetics and a classic, thus immortal elegance. I am enchanted. Again.

Sexy Chic Fantasy

Vogue Paris September 2012

The Magic of Beauty

And I think to myslef what a wonderful world.. Cristina Bernard by Anaï Tesson

Happy New St. Moritz

What I love about St. Moritz is the smell of luxury and the exciting serpentine way that leads to it giving indeed the impression of reaching the top of the world. Such fascinating landscape, such charming ambience.. What Switzerland can be really proud about is St. Moritz - the inevitable place for splendor-lovers.. 

My very first stop was Carlton. Yes, I Carlton..  I carlted in Cannes, I wanted to carlton in St. Moritz..  An admirable time. A time with an elegant society, in an elegant place, in an elegant world,  in a real fairyland..

And according to the Europe Magazine: "Russian is the language of luxury". So true.. Thank you Boris.. For the New Year's Party..

Happy New Year.. Let's the happy 13 begin..