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Queens at King's #BadruttsMoments

Satisfied by excellence only? Cool..! Me too.. After six years of bloging, I realized that some things will never change.. Pursuit of awesome places, breathtaking moments that make you high, extraordinary events is all I just do.. 5 star hotels, the ultimate essence of luxury, the guardians of a beautiful and carefree life as it should be every single second (cause #LifeIsTooShort for everything else) are my top favourite places.. Being privileged to spend the whole winter in St.Moritz, on the top of the world, I was thus in heaven as here you find a cumulation of best hotels, best shops, best restaurants.. Hello fairytale! 

 When the German Stern Magazine published an article about St. Moritz in one of its' February '17 editions, I found myself next to the Badrutt's Palace.. They say there are no coincidences in life..

The Badrutt's Palace Hotel is one of such incredible great places, officially opened in 1896 and since then home to worlds' high society. Le Grand H…

Un, deux.. JITROIS! #PFW #FW1718

FALL WINTER 2017/2018


Jean-Claude Jitrois rocks as usual, but this season the collection is more fun, more live, more crazy..  I mean if you watch all my Jitrois posts so far @Jitrois Something about Power and Fantasy Spring/Summer 2017 #PFW or Sexy Sweet Jitrois or Jitrois Spring Summer 2014 Paris or Hymn to Women's Beauty by Jitrois you will see exactly what I mean..
In fact, the FW1718 collection is kind of a tribute to the 80', when the label had its' beginnings.. Time passes, that's true, but one thing will never change #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun
so #StayFabulous #FollowYourHeART #DanceYourLife and just #LiveIt #ItsNowOrNever
#Jitrois #ISimplyLoveIt

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