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Irony of Fate

André Rieu in the morning.. ,,History of philosophy" at noon.. Vincent van Gogh for teatime. A new dress  in progress. Creativity needs a free mind to absorb inspirations, to feel the wind of change, to set the sun and to let the spirit speak.. 

Black and Red

Within the last seven days I was in France and Monaco and Italie and Germany and three times in Austria and Poland. And that changes perspectives.. Last week, I turned 25, even if it was the number 21 that turned out to be very special. But what is age if not an illusion, what is life if not a never-ending voyage, a race for the Grand Prix, what are dreams worth if they don't turn into reality and who is Chopin if not a genius..?


They say too much is never enough.. And they are right. Absolutelty. The Cannes Film Festival is all about too much, but that is why it is so fabulous. Nevertheless, in the constant search for new impressions, I went to the breathtaking Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc where the Chanel Cruise Collection took place last year. Karl Lagerfeld has chosen the Palace of Versailles to present the collection for this year, but in the end there is no place like the Côte d'Azur
And there is no place like Monaco and Monte-Carlo. Very elegant and classy, thus all I love..

Yes, I Carlton..

I came, I saw and I just felt in love. Cannes is magic. It is an elegant, beautiful and sophisticated place and life without sophistication is a life without sense. I really mean it. Yesterday the Cannes Film Festival started and the remarkable amount of tuxedos everywhere was so wonderful to watch. A hypnotizing beauty. Elegance of life is the quintessence of life. I mean it, too. 
After a perfect evening at the terrace of the most perfect place, it was time to discover the Cannes VIP Room. Jean-Roch had a tuxedo as well and he looked terrific. Christian Audigier came too and P.Diddy gave a really nice performance. Like at l'ARC in Paris last year. Almost. Because this is Cannes and nothing can be and is the same. 

A Glass of Colors

Perfection..: My one and only aim.. Beauty..: My love.. Fashion..: My language.. Cannes..: My home..
The quality of life in Cannes is beyond words. I'm spending my days taking in the magic ambience of the azure sea, of the blue sky, of the golden sun.. And reality is flowing like a dream.. And dreams are shining here truly.. And there are those overwhelming places like Carlton or Martinez or Majestic or Miramar.. And I feel closer to myself.. Closer to answering those questions intriguing me for so long.. Closer to that fire burning..

The Wind of Change

Life isn't about having dreams, life is about living them.. While always hunting for new fascinations, I arrived in Cannes. The first thing I did was enjoying the wonderful Carlton terrace. It was the only place where I wanted to take my first breath of Cannes and this breath tasted delicious. Trust in your desire.. This is the only key to happiness..