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Another Fashion Tale

This wonderful second day of Fahion Week Dreams started with the Dévastée Show. One can love or hate it, but for sure not ignore. The Damir Doma Show followed. It was very majestic while presenting wonderful fur and leather elements. But the highlight of the day was the Guy Laroche Show. So elegant and luxurious! I loved the leather gloves and above all the golden materials. It was incredible to watch. Special congratulations for Marcel Marongin. He made a fashion dream perfectly true. 
In the afternoon, in a mysterious place at the Rivoli street, Jiki has been presented. The concept was interesting and fur my beloved part of it. My teatime, I have spent exceptionally at Rochas. But the only thing that was interesting at this show was definitely the front row! Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Bill Cunningham, Stefano Tonchi and Suzy Menkes among so many others.. The collection was suitable for attending a market place but not an elegant world. Too many patterns. 
Peachoo Krejberg was so …

From Fashion with Love

It has finally started. Inaugurated by the Fatima Lopes Show who made an interesting location choice (Les Invalides) and an even more interesting music choice (live cello performance, inter alia with Nirvana ''Smells Like Teen Spirit") and who designed the most interesting hat collection I have ever seen. It was so good to be there. I rushed after to the Moon Young Hee Show at the Shangri-La, because this is a location I love truly. The collection was black and white, but wild, somber and melancholic somehow.. Thus I decided to spend my afternoon in this five star kingdom savoring a blue tea and trying to catch some light.. 
Tomorrow at 10 a.m. the Dévastée Show is starting another Fashion Day, another day of magic and beauty and terrific moments.. ADR is saying ''I don't want to be cool I want to be fashion". And she is.
Me, I want to live fashion. So I do.

The Semisweet Taste of Life

It was tremendous. It left me speechless. But remaining mute seems to be "in" according to the film academies nowadays.Angelina Joliehas done an amazing job with her first movie ''In the Land of Blood and Honey''. I always admired her, like I admire all the strong women, but Mrs Jolie has this unique attitude of going her own way, of being controversial (the question is not "Why is she?", but ''Why shouldn't she?") and doing what seems right for her. The results are unbelievable and the contribution she is making to this world again and again is just admirable. The movie is touching a delicate topic that needed courage in order to be touched. Mrs Jolie did it. I highly, highly recommend it to watch even if the world seems to be more interested in Mrs Jolie leg than in her work, thus the real winner of the 84th Oscar Academy Awards was in fact Versace.
Nevertheless, I have started my sunday with a great time at Louis XXV yesterday, I …

The eternal voice of beauty

New York, London, Milan and in 3 days finally, finally Paris.. Ladies and Gentleman, let's the Prêt-à-porter Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Paris Fashion Week begin..! It was the César Night yesterday in Paris, it will be the Oscar Night tomorrow in Hollywood, but in a few days there will be so many great Fashion Week Days and Nights.. By the way it is a shame that ''The tale of a fairy" by KL hasn't got any nomination or award.. Of course ''The Artist", who was the obvious winner with six Césars yesterday and who will probably have a similar success tomorrow, was really adorable showing this beautiful and classic black&white world of mute movies, but Mr. Lagerfeld's movie was a masterpiece as well. Like everything he touches. I loved the splendor, the opulent elegance and the luxuriousness so much.. It is so because I am in endless love with the aristocratic life of the Belle Epoque and ''The tale..'' mirrored exactly this kind of life…

Dance Your "World View"

What an amazing movie.. "The Iron Lady" directed by Phyllida Lloyd. Her braveness, her force of character and her energy were just unbelievable inspiring.. It was a pleasure to watch. 
But it was an honor to read that today my first report was published by the Culture Center in Kępno. I became a foreign cultural correspondent, so my articles will appear weekly every Wednesday titled "World View". A new adventure has begun..
This was the perfect occasion for a Chanel shopping, but I would go there anyway, so maybe this does not count..? Nevertheless, the legendary boutique at the Cambon street is a place I love truly, but an opening of another Chanel boutique is being prepared at the l'avenue Montaigne. I know the opening date already and I am very excited about this event, but I will keep it still secret and write you later about my impressions of this new Parisian place of pure elegance and class. So coming soon.. Meanwhile, let's dance our lives..

Hunting after Life

Life is all about timing. It's all about being at the right place, at the right time. On time. 45 minutes after landing in Poland last sunday, I was already sitting at the opera ,,Chopin" composed by the Italian Giacomo Orefice. Yesterday 2h after landing in Paris, I was already sitting at the theater in order to watch the drama "Ivona, Princess of Burgundia" written by the Polish novelist and dramatist Witold Gombrowicz. At the famous Valentine's Day, I attended the closing reception of my first photography exhibition. Next day, the opening of my second exhibition attended me. So the guests. 
While sitting in the new Café Campana at the museum Orsay today, after a short visit with the impressionists and post-impressionists, I really couldn't ignore the factor time just watching me passing. 
I couldn't ignore that there are places, one just has to be, that there are ideas one just has to follow.. There is no escape from desire in order to not feel lost in …


After having received the Oscar nomination, I decided to see ,,The Descendants" this morning before my standard saturday Armani/Sorbonne schedule. The story plays in Hawaii, so elegance is not it's leitmotiv, nevertheless there is another as much as important: the family issue. Knowing who you are, were you come from and being surrounded and supported by people who care for you is the paradise on earth. 
But there is another issue that makes your life worth living: friendship. It is a treasure to find people you can communicate with on the same level. It enriches you more than you might guess. I met so many wonderful people on my way who shared so many amazing moments with me. And my Costes/Crillon and New York fortaste jazz concert-Thursday was such an amazing moment with such people.
Nevertheless, tomorrow some people will go to their sunday Mass and me, I am going to the airport, because it's time for Poland and family and the launch of my photography exhibitions.

Noon light at night

Today was a day when I got a twisted sense of time. I have spent a wonderful morning in an exterior pool and the freezing cold mixed with the hot water was just amazing to feel.
But even more amazing was the ballet "Orpheus and Eurydice" created by the German performer of modern dance and ballet director Pina Bausch that I saw tonight. I was overwhelmed by the lightness of dance.. and it's beauty. The perfect modern deco on stage contrasted so much with the sumptuous interior of the unique symbol of Paris - the Palais Garnier, known as the most famous opera house in the world.
If Orpheus did not look back at Eurydice while retrieving her from the underworld, he wouldn't lost her forever. The message is thus simple: while being on the stage of the world, look forward and never back.. And do not forget to enjoy the moonlight..

Five Star Monday

Every day is a new gift. A special one. Time passes too fast, so how could we waste it..? I try to spend every day as unique as I can, but what I love most is to feel the insufferable lightness of being.. The more you experience it, the more you need it, again and again. But this is a state, I cannot plan. This feeling comes unannounced and it leaves without saying ,,goodbye". Like love. Like fascination. It is strange that the most amazing situations in life are those out of control. The surprises make us dancing. The unpredictable makes us  smiling. If we just let the stars shining. At least five of them. 
Special thanks to the Ritz Hotel in Paris for this amazing afternoon.

Perfect Days

I was very happy to meet Cézanne yesterday at the Musée du Luxembourg and to get know him better. Being surrounded with art makes me feel silent. But what attracted my attention most, was a sentence saying that Cézanne being 21 years old arrived in Paris in order to became a painter. That was his dream. Brave, wasn't it? And from art to sport: in a recent interview David Beckham said that for him the most important in life is dedication and staying focused on his dreams. And from sport to cinema: I loved the "J.Edgar" movie by Clint Eastwood I saw this week. It surprised me because it showed love with such a pureness and it was really beautiful to watch. A dedication to emotions.
It became a habit of mine to take my coffee at Armani between my saturday Sorbonne lectures. It became a habit of mine to enjoy every day as much as I can and it became a habit of mine to follow my heart.
It doesn't help when you listen, but you don't hear. It doesn't help when you wat…

Dedicated to Beauty

11 days left to the closure event of my first photo exposition in the wonderful Culture CenterCastle Leśnicain Wroclaw and 12 days before the opening event of my second photo exposition in my hometown Kępno.. I love this year already..
I am so happy to be able to share the beauty that I captured in pictures and that I admire so much. Beauty is all I am looking for in life. It is the one and only sense in every part of it. I love beautiful moments, beautiful places, beautiful people and beautiful art and beautiful furniture and beautiful porcelain..  Asking myself what is beauty, the only explanation that comes to my mind is:
"Beauty is like love - I cannot explain it, but I can feel it when it's there"
When I feel beauty, I feel the insufferable lightness of being.. And I love to feel it.