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Summer Fashion Flashback

Steffie Christiaens
agnès b.
Amaya Arzuaga
Issey Miyake
I see it first on F TV
Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012

Born Addicted

Addicted to life of course. To all it's beauty and unexpected moments..

The weekend started with a fantastic horse jumping competition in Ballenberg.. So many emotions.. So many beautiful horses and great riders, above all my champion Natalia Akus.. Just a perfect swiss saturday..

Followed by another excellent sunday in Gstaad.. When Palace People met for a pre-birthday-and-celebrating-my-new-studio-in-Gstaad-Party and were just celebrating and celebrating and celebrating.. We had Moët&Chandon for breakfast, then we moved downtown to Gstaad's promenade and we eneded in 16, an amazing restaurant in Saanen.. Just a perfect swiss sunday..

16 Art Bar Restaurant in Saanen
And yet. Nothing could top the perfect dinner at the Luegeten Restaurant in Pfäffikon SZ with the most spectacular view at the Lake Zurich.  But it got even better.. Because of a Maserati trip to the Dolder Grand in Zurich afterwards.

In the end seeing that lady, in that glass, at my beloved Dolder and rushing throu…

Monaco's Grace

Monaco is a paradise.. And for sure not only a fiscal one.. It is a place that celebrates beauty in every single detail.. And for that Monaco is to envy.. "Grace of Monaco" mirrors perfectly that kind of  the Monaco Dream.. The movie encourages everyone, no matter where we are and who we are to live our own destiny, but not out of an external obligation but from the desire which arises deep from the heart.. In the end, our own life is the best movie.. So, action..! "Grace of Monaco".. Fiction or Reality..? Who cares as long as we get inspired..? Inspired to make this world a better place.. A places where beauty rules..

Heart Escape

From Paris to Gstaad

Pink Paris ..

I had two exhibitions in Poland about Paris, more than two years ago. Today, I decided to put some pictures in colour.. Because what I like is "La vie en rose"..

Paradise of Love and Joy

At La Villa..
L'ARC.. The most sophisticated place on earth.. Became our lifestyle.. While Moët&Chandon never stopped flowing..
The most spectacular terrace.. On the top of  Hotel Raphael..
BB-Friend.. Best and Beautiful.. CB

If Paris wasn't a dream, then I don't know what it was.. #Time of my Life

Palace, mon Amour..

Simply in love.. Simply the best..
The Gstaad Palace Switzerland

Cannes or Cannot..

P. Diddy at VIP Room, Cannes Film Festival 2012
Girls just wanna have fun..
On 14 May 2014 the Cannes Film Festival is starting.. Few more days to the most exciting time of the year. For the 67th time.. Movies, events, parties, big stars, small stars, wanna-be-stars.. Unquestionably, the Festival itself is the best movie one can watch.. And in opposite to sequels, every year, this cinéma is getting better. Just "Le Grand Bordel de Cannes"..  (a must-read book)
66th Cannes Film Festival 2013
65th Cannes Film Festival 2012
Thus when the question arose yesterday which Chanel Red to choose between Pirate, Dragon, Rouge Rubis.. I opted for Cinéma..