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All I want is just Perfection.. Paris Place Vendôme

Fiesta Forever..

Image least all life long..

Crème de la Crème

What amazing pearls Christiane Arp is wearing and how imperial and royal Karl Lagerfeld is appearing..
How nice Lady Amanda Harlech is smiling and with which deepness Sébastien Jondeau is looking..
Which elegance the steamship "Schaarhörn" is representing and..
this is a little ode to The Beautiful Life and The Beautiful People..
Vogue Germany August 2013


It was an unforgettable day.. Morning at Café de Flore in Paris, teatime in Luxembourg and evening in the German Alps.. Freedom is the greatest luxury of all..
"We want to remain what we are" Motto of Luxembourg

Welcome to St. Tropez

Live Your Dreams and Be Free..

Wind of Perfection

Perfection forms the raison d'être..

Beautiful Life

Live with beauty.. ,,Beauty will save the world" Fyodor Dostoyevsky

My Black Love

,,I have said that black has it all.." Coco Chanel

Alexis Mabille Haute Couture Magic

Every second in Paris is like a beautiful dream. Fulfilled with emotions, inspirations, so unreal, but truly real.. And if you think that it cannot get any better, there comes the Haute Couture season, a cumulation of French genius of which Alexis Mabille delivers the evident proof. True colours, an incredible savoir-faire, enchanting visions come alive. Every second in Paris delivers happiness, if you see what I mean..
Special thanks to Finch&Partners PR for the wonderful images. Alexis Mabille Haute Couture Fall Winter 2013/2014 Paris Place Vendôme

Perfect Paris

Paris is not only the City of Lights.. It is the City of Dreams, the Kingdom of Sophistication, the Empire of Elegance.. Paris is Paris..

Born Free®

Image the wind..

Time to Dream at Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme

Perfection has a name: Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme