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Poetry of Life: Grand Hôtel du Lac Vevey

Isn't it ironic that no matter how luxurious a place is, something completely immaterial counts..? It is the emanating spirit that enchants your senses.. What I love about the Grand Hôtel du Lac is the feeling of unequalled privacy, an unique opulent elegance and time which seems to pause..  Located at the shore of Lake Geneva in Vevey, it is a refuge in a peaceful and perfect world, in a world where the art de vivre is authentic and natural.  Everytime I spend my time at the Grand Hôtel du Lac, I am delighted by the service which is very attentive, but discreet, mastering decent small talks without being obtrusive.
This place has that certain something, which you feel without knowing what it is.. And when you can have it all, it is that je ne sais quoi which makes your moments perfect.. Because it has to be perfect  or there is no need to be at all..
Grand Hôtel du Lac  since 1868

LV in Zurich: 'Celebrating Monogram'

by Marc Newson
by Rei Kawakubo
by Christian Louboutin
Other artists creating the extraordinary collection:  Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry and Karl Lagerfeld.
This project is a dynamite of creative minds, followed by an explosion of absolute uniqueness..


"Sometimes you need to escape to the past in order to define your new future.."
Meersburg, Constance Lake

Her name is Poly, Natasha Poly..

JSCWK WORLD presents..
..rabbit fur overcoat with  fox fur sleeves and collar....  BLUGIRL fur coat FENDI, leather waistcoat DIESEL..
.. napa leather and shearling coat GUCCI..
..goat fur coat JUST CAVALLI..
Vogue Germany October '14

The Love Issue

From Paris to Tokyo
by Walldress in InterContinental Paris Le Grand
by Walldress, avenue Montaigne, Paris
by Walldress, Grand Palais, Paris
by Chic Is The New Punk, after Allude,  Grand Palais, Paris

Why do I love the most..? Fur, Paris,  Paris Fashion Weeks..?

24h Prada Museum, Paris
But there is absolutely no need to choose..  If I can have and love them all..

Do you Paris..?

Sometimes you just need to get PARISED away..
@Me by Kate Mazur Paris

A day in Monte Carlo

JSCWK presents:
..Favourite fragments of Mario Testino's  "Vogue Blond Angels" shooting..
"To me, the magic of photography, per se, is that you can capture an instant of a second  that couldn't exist before and couldn't exist after.." MT
"I photograph what I see and what I want to see.." MT
"Some things happen by accident - embrace them.." MT
"It's a luxury to be able to chose what you do.." MT
"The year has 365 days, and I want each and every one of them to be exciting.." MT
"Life is about discovery, and you should never stop searching.." MT
Anja Rubik by Mario Testino
Vogue Germany March '14

#LiveFastDieInCouture @Me

Fun, Friendship and Fun..
A Castle.. Absolutely indispensable..
A Valentino bracelet straight from Paris..
And speaking about Paris: #WhereverYouGoTakeYourHermèsBagWithYou
Then the Italian Touch:  with a Max Mara dress for example..
Of course Moët&Chandon..  Because either you live fabulous..
..or you do not live at all..!
Little Obsession: Chanel From sunglasses to make-up..   #ChanelOrNothing #TooMuchIsNeverEnough
A car you love deeply which gives you the most precious feeling: Freedom! And which takes you wherever you want to go and sometimes even further..
So Cheers to that..!  #SwissExcellenceOfLiving
Schloss Schadau Thun #VeryPerfectSunday #ThanksToAllWhoMadeThisHappen