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Coco your Life..


Roaring Twenties

A masterpiece by Jacques Fath
Marlene Dietrich
Gloria Swanson, the alleged inventor of glamour..
Coco Chanel, immortal..
Let's create a roaring century..

Vogueing Away..

It is all about women and their incredible beauty..


Vogue Germany May 2013 ,,Folk Dandy" by Giampaolo Sgura

My Art.. My Life..

One Word, One Love: Chanel

Through Qamile Sterna's Eye

Some things can only happen in Paris.. Anything can happen in Paris.. Everything happens in Paris.. Thank you QS.. Thank you Paris..

Lie Sang Bong.. A Korean Master..

Let's talk about..
..visions and creativity..
..lightness and beauty..
..dynamism and development.. and shoes..
Spring/Summer 2012 Collection, Paris

Côte d'Amour

,,Make sure you live your life. Do something. Don't wait for something to happen. You never regret what you do. You regret what you haven't done." Gunter Sachs

From Sydney to Paris

Collette Dinnigan Fall Winter 2013/2014, Paris Impressive collection.. Fascinating fabrics.. Stunning beauty.. Marvellous elegance.. Enchanting..

Travel, travel, travel..

My verdict is: Munich is the most noble city of Germany. It has great boulevards like the Maximilianstraße which is a synonym of luxury with its elegant boutiques and the famous Kempinski Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel. I came, I saw and I loved immediately. Next planned voyage is Poland at the end of April, then St. Tropez in May without mentioning all the unplanned in between of which a concrete destiny will be determined by the necessity of heart..

"Love is..

Colder than Capital.." is the title of a controversial exhibition in the Austrian Kunsthaus Bregenz.
While being in Munich this week, I was told to be an esthete, which I cannot and do not want to deny. So for me, this exhibition was hurting. It has nothing to do with art.. It is wrong. It is a wild wandering with an awfully bad, bad taste. It is criminal to hurt people eyes ans minds with such pictures.
Thus, I was delighted to discover a real pearl of beauty in Bregenz: the wonderful Villa Raczyński. An architectural masterpiece which enchants by its majestic appearance. The Villa was built by the Polish Count Karol Edward Raczyński for his wife Karolina as a birthday present in 1876/1877.. 
This is what I call Class.. This is what I call Love.. And Love is Stronger than Capital..

Pure Elegance.. Pure Love.. Pure Nothing..

McMenamy Mania

Kristen McMenamy.. A revelation.. Vogue Germany April 2013