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#MONOPOL #MONAMOUR #5staraddiction

I have a lot of addictions, but exploring 5 Star Hotels is one of the most fundamental..
.Last weekend, it was time for the Monopol Hotel. When I'm in Wrocław, I love to go to their bar anyway where you can actually smoke (how wonderful is that?!), so I knew the Hotel already and I guessed the stay will be terrific..
And surprise.. So it was..!
The room was super comfortable, quite spacious, modern design.. I liked it. Number 221. 21 is the day of my birthday, so while the check-in I was like very pleasantly surprised. Coincidence sure (even if I personally certainly do not believe in coincidence), but still nice.
The Hotel itself was built in 1892 and the building enchants with its impressive Neo-Baroque style..  N'est-ce-pas?

 Moreover: pool, fitness room, salt grotto, sauna.. Very cool.

 The best fragrance in the world is the fragrance of luxury, luxury, luxury..
#NothingButTheBest #5StarAddiction #TheGoodLifeAddiction

Grand or Nothing @SofitelGrandSopot

- "Do you want to go back to reality..?" -''What Reality?! This is real.''
''The Tale of a Fairy'' by K. Lagerfeld 

All I'm saying is wear high heels and reach higher. No matter what, you always get what you want.. If you want it truly.. 

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..Luxury is Freedom.. Do what you want, whenever you want because you want.. #ThereIsNoWhy

..absolutely everything happens for a reason.. That's the fun..

It's all depends on the point of view and how comfortable the bed you're sleeping in is..

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