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Christmas in Zürich

Zadig et Voltaire got to the heart of it..
And Hotel Savoy Baur en Ville is the Heart of Zurich's Haute Society..
Christmas without Chanel is not worth it..

Generally, en Vogue.. Definitely.. Merry Christmas..

The Alpina Art of Life

The Gstaad Palace and the Pool
Girls just want to have fun..
Christmas Time
What about a private cinema?
Sweet Dreams..
Let's talk about fun, baby..
Paris in Gstaad
Megu for six..
Relax and Smoke
Alpina Gstaad is all about innovation and tradition, it's a fireplace by pushing on a button and TV integrated in a mirror.. Why not?
In Gstaad, impossible is nothing..

Eden au Lac: Zürich

Well, well.. So Eden exists also on this earth.. There is such a marvellous ambience when you enter the Eden au Lac. Swiss Deluxe oblige.. The location is perfect.. One stays in ZürichCity while having an enormous lake in front of the window.. How can that be..? Yes, Zürich is magic somehow..  Especially when your perspective is paradise..
Eden au Lac.. Pardise on Earth..  Be inspired.. 

Winter Fairy Tale

A little of Chanel, a bit of a Luxury Palace, some GoldCartier andGstaad..
Ready for a Winter Fairy Tale..?

Karl Lagerfeld on Sunday

"The most essential in life is to reinvent yourself"  K. Lagerfeld
Welt am Sonntag