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En Vogue

After the amazing Haute Couture days in Paris, the city seems so quiet now. I went to the Emporio Armani Caffé todayand it felt like a small trip back to Milan. I had such a wonderful time there. And speaking about Italy, Roberto Cavalli created his own blog. So there are places to be and there are blogs to read, but in the end ,,You are what you Tweet" (taken from Derek Blasberg's post). 
For enjoying this evening, I decided to explore KONG. Another restaurant designed by Philippe Starck who seems to be the baron Haussmann of the XXI century while marking Paris with his starckienne style.
I wish there would be a Chanel Café or even better a Chanel Club somewherebecause fashion is not only about the clothes, but about the whole lifestyle. Even though ,,looking good and dressing well is a necessity. Having a purpose in life is not" Oscar Wilde.

PARIS HAUTE COTURE SPECIAL : Beautiful Fashion Fascination

Can it be just possible that the wonderful Haute Couture days in Paris drawed to a close..? In fact all of our life has to be Haute in order to be how it should. I am not sure what was the best closure this evening of these past days: the amazing Eva Minge Show at the Shangri-La Hotel that surprised me with the really beautiful black and white collection or maybe the impressions of the fascinating 24 hours Museum presented by Prada and designed by Francesco Vezzoli or maybe the private Valentino evening at l'avenue Montaigne. In fact all of these events have just been a pure inspiration.
Nevertheless, I was so curious what Eva Minge, the only Polish designer that shows her pieces internationally, will present at her show and not only me, but everybody was delighted. Moreover, it seemed to me that all of the 5th Avenue New York was at the show. And Poland as well. The Vezzoli's idea of a 24h museum that I admired afterwards was just brillant. It was a tribute to feminity and his…


What an amazing Show..! Karl Lagerfeld managed once again to take the Chanel Lovers into another world : this time up to the sky. In a private jet installed at the Grand Palais, we could marvel at Chanel Haute Couture masterpieces, in a blue/azure/black palette. Chanel cristallized anew to be a pure perfection of art.. I think that all the persons present at the show, from Diane Kruger, Daphne Guinness, Carine Roitfeld to Vanessa Paradis will agree with me. Chanel is, was and will stay the first-class fashion world.. On earth, as it is in heaven..

PARIS HAUTE COUTURE SPECIAL : Dreams written by Fashion

Even if I am asking myself every single day, how much better can it get, miraculously it does. Of course. When a monday morning starts with an amazing time at the Chanel Beauty Zone at the Galeries Lafayette, followed by the great Alexis Mabille Haute Couture Show at the Shangri-La Hotel, followed by the impressions of the Dior Show at l'avenue Montaigne, followed by a glass of wine at the so stylish l'Avenue, life seems just too good to be true. I love l'Avenue for it's beautiful decor, for it's beautiful ambience an for the beautiful people I'm always surrounded with. For the same reasons I love the Fashion Weeks and the Haute Couture Shows especially. Beauty is all I am asking for, beauty it's all I'm looking for, beauty is all I need in order to breath..

Paris is the Paradise to be..

The Rynshu Fashion Show this afternoon at the beautiful Westin Hotel couldn't be a more wonderful closure of the Paris Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012-2013. The amazing gold and leather elements used in the show fulfilled my heart with joy. As well as the place where the show took place. For me personally, the show cannot be amazing if the place isn't so. It is the overall ambience that makes the effect. In fashion and in life. 
My device for this year is that none moment is so good that it cannot get better. Thus after the great fashion impressions, I went to the Crillon for a wine degustation. And I couldn't make a better choice for spending a more unique evening. The power of love is undefinable and my love for Paris is limitless. But none moment is so good that it cannot get better, so tomorrow starts the Haute Couture Fashion Week.. Doesn't Paris make life worth living? 

MILAN FASHION WEEK SPECIAL : Art, Fashion, Milan and We

And by ,,we"  I mean: me and my new fur because it is for two of us the very first time here. I arrived this morning, so just quickly after leaving my bags at the hotel, I went to see the next-to-last Fashion Show of Enrico Coveri. It is amazing how the city affects the ambience of the Shows. The concept is the same, but the style is so different. First of all, while observing the guests, I had the impression being in the 1920s even if I didn't obviously live at that time. Men were dandy, while women reminded me characters from a soap. Exactly the same was mirrored in the Coveri Show: men wear such a classic gentlemanlike style, while women had a style too kitsch.

I wanted to see the Roccobarocco Show after, but I had a date I couldn't wait any longer for: the date with the city. Milan. It did not overwhelm me from the very beginning. I know when such moments arrive and this love at first sight with a place just happened twice in my life: with Paris and Cannes. But Milan d…

Just kissing the stars

When you ride into the clouds you can find a feeling of extreme joy. Because only if you let it go, you can touch the sun. And only if you fly high, you can reach the sky. And only if you play with life, you have the possibility to win. I had an incredible time in Austria today. It was just different. Undefined, thus life tasted brilliant. So splendid that almost unreal. Cross the border and let your heart speak..

Breath with Glamour

The devil is in the details, so maybe that's why he is wearing Prada.. Nevertheless, it is not evident to find a sophisticated restaurant in the south of Germany thus I really appreciated the lunch at La Stradaall the more today. Pure perfection. Teatime in Oberstdorf was pleasant but not stunning. But stunning will be the following weeks: Fashion Weeks! An infinite fashion celebration. An infinite beauty admiration. An infinite feast for my eyes and my soul and my heart. A time when details will play the main role. 
I adore fashion because it is a language that cannot be learned, but has to be felt.

The Emotion of Life

I had a beautiful time with beautiful people and beautiful moments in Poland where I could concentrate on my new projects and where some snatches of sunshine gave me the answers to my confusions. I am in the German Alps now to find some new ideas and to enjoy and relax and do whatever I wish. The book ,,Infidelity" written by Andrzej Zulawski starts with an interesting sentence where the author discovers himself very happy because there was nothing that obliged him. So feel I. In a few days I will be back in Paris and it is getting curiouser and curiouser to see where my dreams are leading me into because the major motivation that rushes through my mind is: ,,If I don't do it, who will..?"

Happy New York

You just feel what you want it to be.. The most important things in life are invisible, but we can feel if they are present. They are like the wind: invisible, but perceptible and sometimes even very strong. Without this strength, time passes unappreciated. According to Eduard Graf von Keyserling every moment that one is alone is a terrible waste of time - for one of us others. This is what I know now. But life is rich in such insane waste. What is our life if not a constant foolish waste of the very precious moments. 
Nevertheless, I love to be alone or at least in a private circle, just in my world.. Happy New Year to everybody who have the courage to enter it.. JWK