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Bonjour Tomorrow..!

I cannot wait to be in the arms of the ocean. Coming soon. Edmond Haraucourt said: ,,To leave is to die a little", but this sentence shows clearly that this man was obviously crazy! Staying is to die and not only a little.. New perspectives, new horizons, new lives, this is all what counts. I have spent a nice evening at the Plaza Athénée today and a nice Café de la Paix teatime yesterday after visiting the Perfume Museum Fragonard, but what I need is new energy. Thus I cannot wait to be in the arms of the ocean. Coming soon..

In the Mirror

It wasn't an ordinary morning. None is so. Victor Hugo said: "Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come". And what is life if not a perpetually chase after ideas in order to make them real at the right time..? When it comes.  Nevertheless, as another great man said: "The future starts today, not tomorrow", so waiting endlessly for the right time can be pernicious. In fact, life is all about changes. So what, if they need courage..?


I found something special at the Wrocław's airport yesterday which by the way is the most impressive airport I ever saw: the book ,,Chopin - Prince of the Romantics" written by the Polish count Adam Zamoyski who was born in New York City but has spent most of his life in England. According to the Financial Times, the book is: ,,Valuable... Zamoyski captures the flavor of musical life in 1830s Paris". Exactly what I was searching for. Other press critics called it terrific and splendid and what I have read yet allows me to confirm those opinions. So much great man and woman come from Poland. It is such a great country that fosters it's traditions while having a rich and turbulent history. I needed to leave Poland in order to make this observation, but one always needs distance to see things clearer. 
After all, you can change where you are, but you cannot change who you are..

A Kirkwood Dream

Life has to be appreciated from the right point of view and a 12 cm high heel creates undoubtedly such a perfect perspective. Nicholas Kirkwood is not only a shoe designer, but he is an artist who puts love and passion into his masterpieces. In order to achieve perfection, the highest attention must be paid to details. So does Mr. Kirkwood. He just holds the magic wand that transforms a shoe into a dream. 
We have to live our dreams and.. walk them as well.

The Dollhouse

When I woke up this morning, I found a wonderful gift from India near to my bed. Afterwards, the whole day reminded a story from the Thousand and One Nights. Life is full of symbols. It is like a puzzle. The right elements have to be found in order to create the right picture. Find the right image. And follow the light. You just feel how it should look like and it is the purest joy when it does. Just open your eyes, look around, hear your heart calling and dance your life..

A Sea in the Sky

The most wonderful language is the language of art. I am so proud to have two amazing artists in my family. Two incredible sisters. And I was delighted to hear a private concert today. First, Emilia Lentas revived the baroque era with her enchanting harpsichord and then Natalia Lentas touched me with her miraculously terrific piano performance. Art has no borders and it has to be spoken by heart in order to reach hearts. The belle époque is now.

The City of Angels

Paris is an unexhausted source of inspiration. Every day is different and you never know what is awaiting you.. This is the reason for it's magic. It is a constant surprise, so let it be.. I was very happy to assist at the "Angels in the city" (fr. Des Anges dans la ville) book signature of Jean Charles de Castelbajac on friday, but even more to pass that evening at VIP Room and l'ARC afterwards. In the end, l'ARC is the only place to be in Paris. It is a sophisticated and elegant place, a perfect mixture of modernity with classic items. The décor is very tasteful and every detail has a reason. Nevertheless, it is the ambience that makes l'ARC unique. The music is a dream makes you flowing into another world, the service is excellent and being surrounded by the beautiful people of Paris makes this place unavoidable in order to pass a wonderful time. It isn't only the best restaurant and the best club in Paris, l'ARC is a legend. There is just one quest…