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Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad

Pierre E. Genecand presents the Polo Teams..
Action Gentlemen..!
A picturesque landscape on the airport Saanen..
The Gstaad Palace in mini version..
and the Gstaad Palace Team ready to be the best..

Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad #HighlightOfTheSummer

Prince found Princess: After Party

I just gotta have you..
Honestly Honey, don't we look fabulous..?  Absolutely..!

Looking forward to the future..

Marianka Mroczeńska Poland. The place to party.

Live Your Life, Be Free..: Perfect Wedding

They found love, so they have it all..
And found their happiness.. The most wonderful bride in her  perfect wedding dress..
The Tłokinia Palace..  An absolutely fairytale place..
Sometimes you just have to let the whole world know..
Congratulations to Karolina Seiffert-Wilk and Maciej Wilk..
Thank you for the perfect, perfect wedding.. And once again, I wish you an even more perfect, perfect life..
You know you can have it all..
15 August 2014, Tłokinia Palace, Poland

My Gstaad..

Top of sophistication: The Alpina Gstaad
Cuzzoni vs. Bordoni - two divas, two rivals..  Menuhin Festival Gstaad
Our Champagne Club Gstaad
Ruinart and Leonard at the Le Grand Bellevue Gstaad The oldest established Champagne house and the most fabulous camel
Beauty of nature around Gstaad
The magical Gstaad Palace
Just a wasabi cheesecake with matcha-tea ice cream accompanied by Louis Roederer at The Alpina Gstaad

Heaven is undoubtedly on earth..