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Sound of freedom, taste of perfection..

Back in Paris and back to life: The Givenchy Aftershow Party on friday, the Smalto Fashion Show on saturday and Roland Mouret Mr. on sunday. I feel like myself again. While enjoying the afternoon at the Westin, I had to admit that even if I have absolutely no idea what tomorrow will be like, today at least is perfect. And you just can't rush the answers, because life is unpredictable.. So just let it be and do what you feel is right for you to do.. Never escape your desire..

Louder than words..

Lausanne. After visiting Mlle Chanel's grave, I went to the Beau-Rivage Palace where she lived for some years. A place where the swiss class is hidden.. Amazing view, hypnotizing calmness, wonderful ambience.. Magic.. I love such beautiful and elegant places. And life is too short to spend it in those that aren't.. Thus everything that don't have such attributs is unacceptable for me because it is just hurting my soul.. And I love me to much to change this attitude. Chanel said: ,,The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud". Well, it is as well courageous to think just about yourself. Aloud.

Pure art.. Pure Beauty..

Someone said once: Art is asking questions without giving the anserws..
Even if I could ask: How beautiful is too beautiful?, this picture provides the anserw itself..
Chic, class, elegance, style.. All attributs united with a breathtaking effect.. This is my definition of art: Leaving the viewer speechless..

The story of the day Allure gave me my freedom back..

Ever since I read the story of Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel I admire her more than words can say.. For the way she was and for the lifestyle she lived and for the contribution she made to the world and for the immortal imperium that she created.. And it was at Chanel's Fashion Show where my life entirely changed  and it was the visit of Chanel's suite at the Ritz Hotel which forced me to commit the best mistake of my life and it's just amazing that at a moment when I felt completely lost a miracle happend.. I got my freedom back.. Something I can't live without, something I can't breath without.. What Chanel's Allure has got to do with this remains my secret.. But sometimes you just have to walk away without looking back.. The power of goodbye.. For chanelizing your dreams..

What I love is best..

Enjoying life just the way I do - this is something that counts for me.. Being carefree might be a luxury, but when you feel nothing and you are detracted from emotions, there is nothing but an empty existence left.. 
So never stop riding like the wind to be free again and looking for the wings you could fly with..

One love, Four Seasons..

When you live in Paris, you don't live in a city, you live a dream.. A fairy tale or The Tale of a Fairy.. I was already aware of that, but the arrival in Geneva made it even more obvious. This city is so ordinary. Too static. The only place here I can breath is the lovely Four Seasons terrace. Even if I enjoyed the Daniele Dondé exposition at the Kempinski yesterday, it was just a fake feeling. Like his collection. But life is not about waiting for the storms to pass.. It's about learning how to dance in the rain.. So let's dance in Geneva.. Celebration time..