I lobby it..

One day, two cities, three beautiful hotels..

First stop in Zurich: At the Dolder Grand of course..

The Dolder Grand was a love at first sight when I stayed there for the very first time last year.. The location is breathtaking like the hotel's architecture.. (see post: The Grand Dolder Dream http://jscwkworld.blogspot.ch/2014/04/the-grand-dolder-dream.html) 

After a cigarette on the wonderful Dolder terrace, it was time to go downtown.

Straight to Zurich's heart.. Baur au Lac..
The lobby was full of people, full of life and I was excited to see it after the brand new renovation. I really enjoyed what I saw..

It was almost tea time, when back on my way to Gstaad, I passed by Bern.. So I decided to spend a few moments at the Bellvue Palace..

After truly enchanting moments, I had a walk through the city.. Suddenly its' architecture reminded me of the Parisian Île Saint-Louis and just like that Bern won my sympathy..


Call it Swiss Magic..

So my theory is: "Start the day with a visit at the coiffeur, preferably the best one at the Gstaad Palace, and your day will be absolutely perfect.."

After such a visit, I went for a café gourmand at
 Le Grand Bellevue. The lounge reminds me of a secret garden which makes every second very special. Moreover, I was delighted to see menus with Oliver Preston's cartoons.. Great idea..
 And a very great morning..

Shortly before noon, I went to Lucerne in order to get a slight big city feeling, but above all to visit the Château Gütsch. It's true that I am a incurable château admirer, thus I immediately felt in love with Château Gütsch as well. Located on the top of a hill (perfect location) it impresses with its majestic form inspired by the Bavaria Neuschwanstein Castle and then with the breathtaking view over the 
city of Lucerne. 
The interior is a modern and above all successful version of a classic belle époque one.

Bonjour to History..

Enchanted by the place, I decided to stay for lunch which was a perfect idea..

Château Gütsch. For all excellence lovers a must..


Leaving the world behind me..
Château Gütsch, Lucerne

After a short walk through the city and a visit at the Rosengart Museum which has a very nice collection of Picasso's, Chagall's & Co works of art, on my way back to Gstaad, I decided to visit another place I was told about just yesterday. It is located in Ennetbürgen. 
Never heard of that place..? Me neither.. But behind this unspectacular name, an absolutely spectacular place is hiding: Hotel Villa Honegg.

What becomes absolutely clear upon arrival:
Heaven is definitely on earth..

Tea time at the fireplace..

Extremely enchanted by this place, I decided to stay for dinner which was another perfect idea..

There is something absolutely outstanding about the Villa Honegg which I am not sure what it exactly is.. 
The location first of all, but as well an indescribable feeling of peace and exclusivity..
Then the service, remarkably attentive and at the same time perfectly discreet and in order to make this picture perfect world ideal, exceptionally handsome.
Last but not least the small details: preparing the table with white gloves, the Hermès beauty articles in the restroom..
Or maybe it is all just about the surprise effect of discovering such a pearl in the middle of nowhere..? 
Or maybe it's not..



Cogito ergo sum, however..
 the more you think the less you live..

Ready to go..? Ready to go..

The greatest abstract art is the art of living..

Sweet nothing from Zurcher Montreux.. 
So perfect that it could be French..

What if..

ways were straight and clear..?

And perfect moments lasted forever..?

True luxury is to do what you want, when you want, because you want..


Darling, but I am already in Gstaad..!

La vie en rose at the Gstaad Palace, Switzerland

Champagne Club Gstaad New Year's Eve dinner
 with Perrier-Jouët Rosé at Hotel de Rougemont 

New Year's Eve at the Gstaad Palace with 
Moët&Chandon Grand Vintage 2006

Straight to the top for the New Year's lunch 

Expect the unexpected.
de Grisogono Boutique, Gstaad Palace


The Alpina Gstaad rocks..

Julie Andrews says: "Gstaad is the last paradise in a crazy world". 
In fact Gstaad is a crazy paradise in a crazy world..