Gstaad is cool. Gstaad is small. Gstaad is boring sometimes, but when it comes to the Polo weekend: Gstaad is simply AWESOME..

It's definitely the summer event to be. Matches are played on the airport field in Saanen, mountains around, sunshine, idyllic.. And then the fast ponies, the fast cars, the adrenalin in the air, beautiful people, great time..

I can't help, I simply love it.
This year Team Banque Eric Sturdza won against Team Clinique La Prairie and Team Gstaad Palace against Team Hublot.. 

I have so much respect for Polo Players: To play while canter- sorry, but this is full magic.. Especially when I cantered few days ago in almost the same place, but lost control of my horse and felt down and dislocated my foot.. 

#WeOnlyLiveOnce and #LifeIsWayTooShort
#KeepFighting #KeepWinning


"Everybody right here, what you need to do is to be thankful for the life you got, you know what I'm saying. Stop looking at what you ain't got. Start being thankful for what you do got." T.I.

Warsaw. InterContinental. 43th floor.  This is really impressive. Really.  Pool, fitness with a spectacular view. 
So much closer to heaven..

Room..? Top.

Bed..? Top.

Room Service..? Top.


As for me, the most surprising about Florence was the size of the city... It seems so small.. In fact it is. But as someone said: It is not about quantity, it's about quality.  And there is a lot of quality in the city.
After check-in last Tuesday evening, I went out for a walk and discovered the Westin Exclesior and above all their Sesto on Arno: a rooftop restaurant and bar. With a glass of Veuve Clicquot I was overlooking the splendid night panorama of Florence. - A MUST -

In the morning I enjoyed a great breakfast at the place where I stayed: 
Palazzo Alfieri Residenza D'Epoca
I can only highly recommend the hotel. Great location, awesome staff, stylish rooms.. 

And Via de' Tornabuoni is just around the corner. Heaven! I made some sightseeing as well: Armani, Gucci, especially Gucci Garden,  Prada, Dolce&Gabbana.. 

Before leaving, I had a great Detox Juice at the J.K. Place, cannot wait to see the one in Capri soon hopefully...

THE WESTIN PALACE MILAN #PerfectLuxuryOverdose

It's very hard not to fall in love with Milano, especially when you are a 
1) fashion addict,  2) luxury addict,   3) big city life addict, 4) party addict, 5) shopping addict,  6) good life addict 
and above all a  5 Star addict..
(My I introduce myself..?)

 On the 1st February I went to Milano with friends, stayed at the awesome Baglioni Hotel Carlton, two weeks later I just had to come back.. Call it a deep inner necessity.. 
And as tacky as it sounds, one night in Milano was my gift for myself for Valentine's..
But the place I stayed, not tacky at the all..
THE WESTIN PALACE - Just what I needed.. 
Luxury, luxury, luxury..

Isn't it perfect?


Sunday. Sun. St. Moritz. 

St. Moritz is a little paradise. No doubts. On 4th Feb '18 another great event took place  on THE frozen lake. #TheLakeToBe

Me, personally I am a huge Polo fan, so the last weekend of January is always heaven for me, but the White Turf, well, you cannot miss it neither.

Sure, the races are awesome. The horses my favourite top stars. But the White Turf is as well a beautiful meeting place for catching up with friends, horse lovers and good life addicts. It's a time when you can enjoy champagne for breakfast (Laurent-Perrier Rosé #SoOMG) and breath the wonderful world. 

St.Moritz #AlwaysTheSun

The car with a certain je ne sais quoi..  In Rolls-Royce I trust..
#RRWinterLounge @spiritofrollsroyce

So see you on 11th or 18th February 2018 for the next White Turf St. Moritz #TopOfTheWorld..!