The Semisweet Taste of Life

It was tremendous. It left me speechless. But remaining mute seems to be "in" according to the film academies nowadays. Angelina Jolie has done an amazing job with her first movie ''In the Land of Blood and Honey''. I always admired her, like I admire all the strong women, but Mrs Jolie has this unique attitude of going her own way, of being controversial (the question is not "Why is she?", but ''Why shouldn't she?") and doing what seems right for her. The results are unbelievable and the contribution she is making to this world again and again is just admirable. The movie is touching a delicate topic that needed courage in order to be touched. Mrs Jolie did it. I highly, highly recommend it to watch even if the world seems to be more interested in Mrs Jolie leg than in her work, thus the real winner of the 84th Oscar Academy Awards was in fact Versace.
Nevertheless, I have started my sunday with a great time at Louis XXV yesterday, I started my day with a Louvre visit today and I will start tomorrow with the Paris Fashion Week. It is so good to be free.. And the only dilemma for tonight I still have is: Which actor is more handsome: Jude Law, Andrzej Chyra or Goran Kostić because they resemble each other incredibly..


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