The Magic of Fashion

Paris is not a city.. Paris is a dream.. A dream filled with wonderful avenues, elegant Hausmannienne buildings and beautiful, beautiful people.. Walking the l'avenue Montaigne is like walking through heaven, crossing the Place Vendôme is like crossing heaven.. 
And then there are those heaven's doors where you enter and the whole world stops, because the beauty shines right into your heart, filling it with peace and harmony.. Like those doors to Park Hyatt or Chanel's at rue Cambon.. 
Fashion Week in Paris is such a marvellous time that should last forever.. Yesterday, while having lunch at Costes and sitting with my friend next to the Chanel Istanbul table, surrounded by all the fashionistas from all over the world, it felt like watching a play très en vogue. 
But it was real and that was the magic of the moment..


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