"Love is..

Colder than Capital.." is the title of a controversial exhibition in the Austrian Kunsthaus Bregenz.
While being in Munich this week, I was told to be an esthete, which I cannot and do not want to deny. So for me, this exhibition was hurting. It has nothing to do with art.. It is wrong. It is a wild wandering with an awfully bad, bad taste. It is criminal to hurt people eyes ans minds with such pictures.
Thus, I was delighted to discover a real pearl of beauty in Bregenz: the wonderful Villa Raczyński. An architectural masterpiece which enchants by its majestic appearance. The Villa was built by the Polish Count Karol Edward Raczyński for his wife Karolina as a birthday present in 1876/1877.. 
This is what I call Class.. This is what I call Love.. And Love is Stronger than Capital..

Pure Elegance..
Pure Love..
Pure Nothing..


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