Women's right to High Heels

I have always said: ''Give a woman the right heel and she will rule the world". In our fast-moving world, we have about one second to present ourselves. People look at you. People juge you. Over. And that is absolutely fine. We all enjoy the freedom of speech, thus we all enjoy the freedom to juge.
What I cannot accept is the fact that because of this phenomenon of a ''one-second-jugement-world'', too many people try to fit into the pattern while loosing their own personality. Especially women, I call them blurred women.
They know that they work better than their boss for less money of course, they know that they are more intelligent than their husband but he is always right of course, they know that they are tired of their children but they are lovely of course, so they remain silent. And dress discreetly. My only suggestion is: Take your high heels and be yourself. No further comments.
Just one question: If Chanel gave us our freedom back, if Yves Saint Laurent gave us the power, who will give women their deserved respect..? 


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