Born Addicted

Addicted to life of course. To all it's beauty and unexpected moments..

The weekend started with a fantastic horse jumping competition in Ballenberg.. So many emotions.. So many beautiful horses and great riders, above all my champion Natalia Akus.. Just a perfect swiss saturday..

Followed by another excellent sunday in Gstaad.. When Palace People met for a pre-birthday-and-celebrating-my-new-studio-in-Gstaad-Party and were just celebrating and celebrating and celebrating.. We had Moët&Chandon for breakfast, then we moved downtown to Gstaad's promenade and we eneded in 16, an amazing restaurant in Saanen.. Just a perfect swiss sunday..

16 Art Bar Restaurant in Saanen

And yet. Nothing could top the perfect dinner at the Luegeten Restaurant in Pfäffikon SZ with the most spectacular view at the Lake Zurich
But it got even better.. Because of a Maserati trip to the Dolder Grand in Zurich afterwards.

In the end seeing that lady, in that glass, at my beloved Dolder and rushing through Zurich's streets by night while listening to the most perfect Maserati sound is just a.. perfect swiss monday..

Always expect the unexpected..


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