I have a lot of addictions, but exploring 5 Star Hotels is one of the most fundamental..

.Last weekend, it was time for the Monopol Hotel. When I'm in Wrocław, I love to go to their bar anyway where you can actually smoke (how wonderful is that?!), so I knew the Hotel already and I guessed the stay will be terrific..

And surprise.. So it was..!

The room was super comfortable, quite spacious, modern design.. I liked it. Number 221. 21 is the day of my birthday, so while the check-in I was like very pleasantly surprised. Coincidence sure (even if I personally certainly do not believe in coincidence), but still nice.

The Hotel itself was built in 1892 and the building enchants with its impressive Neo-Baroque style..  N'est-ce-pas?

 Moreover: pool, fitness room, salt grotto, sauna.. Very cool.

 The best fragrance in the world is the fragrance of luxury, luxury, luxury..


Hotel Monopol. Wrocław. 

Life is simple. When in doubt. Choose the best. 



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