The story of the day Allure gave me my freedom back..

Ever since I read the story of Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel I admire her more than words can say.. For the way she was and for the lifestyle she lived and for the contribution she made to the world and for the immortal imperium that she created.. And it was at Chanel's Fashion Show where my life entirely changed  and it was the visit of Chanel's suite at the Ritz Hotel which forced me to commit the best mistake of my life and it's just amazing that at a moment when I felt completely lost a miracle happend.. I got my freedom back.. Something I can't live without, something I can't breath without.. What Chanel's Allure has got to do with this remains my secret.. But sometimes you just have to walk away without looking back.. The power of goodbye.. For chanelizing your dreams..


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