The kingdom of exclusivity..

Some people spend their whole life looking for the right person to live with. I have this great fortune having found the right city to live in.. Every day in Paris is special, every day is a combination of small pleasures which according to the Ritz Paris Magazine is true luxury.. I went to the Ritz yesterday at my coffee time but I had to stay for tea time as well.. I just couldn't leave.. ,,The Ritz is my home" said Coco Chanel so there is anything to add. This palace has a soul, a beautiful soul, an exclusive one.. Milla Jovovich spent there her afternoon with her daughter as well, like another woman who was at the Dior Show this week and another who was at the Chanel Show.. Paris is small. Paris is amazing. My friend said that after living in Paris you can't live anywhere else which mirrors exactly my opinion.. Maybe in New York. Maybe.


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