Over the top..

Silence.. A pleasure for senses.. A feast for my mind.. People in love have the strong desire to spend time together and that's why I love so much spending time with myself. I am sorry for those who aren't able to be alone. And I don't like people who I feel sorry for. Life is strange. Life is fun. Life is unpredictable. While watching a great movie: ,,Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a family" it became even more clear that life can't be taken too seriously. Oscar Wilde said as well that life is too important to be taken seriously. Thus the only thing that counts for me is living my dreams and my expectations aren't high: I just want the best.


  1. Przepiekny blog, przepiekne miejsca niesamowite wyczucie smaku, jesli chodzi ubior. Niestety twarz paskudna, osobowosc chyba tez nieciekawa.


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