Golden autumn in Paris

I wanted to visit the Matisse, Cézanne, Picasso...L'aventure des Stein exposition today, but the crowd waiting in front of the Grand Palais made me change my plans. So wearing my beloved fourrure, I had a wonderful walk in the Parisian october sun. At teatime I went to a place where every detail is perfect thus in such an atmosphere every moment flows there. Moreover, my desire for art was fulfiled to a marginal extent as well when I discovered one of the Patrick Laroche's sculptures. Probably in a decade he will be so in demand like Picasso or Cézanne is today, because we rarely appreciate what we have, unless we loose it. 
Therefore, it is more than gold if you can say that you are perfectly happy. Right now. If not put your future in good hands - your own! (Carine Roitfeld)


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