La Belle Époque

The turn of the century was a time of prosperity, beatitude and innovations in science, art and the world view. The life in metropolises was fulfilled with joy, the parlours of aristocracy received musicians, poets, writers, diplomats and the whole haute society, because noblesse obliged.. Moreover, the haute couture was invented in Paris, so this shows clearly which lifestyle people were seeking for. I am not nostalgic, because our era is a golden age as well, if we let it be so, if we live our life the way we want, if we explore places we love, if we surround us with people who understand us, if we surround us with things that glamorize our days. Nevertheless, while enjoying teatime at the Crillon yesterday and being charmed by the amazing exposition "The Twonhouse. A Parisian Ambition" I was just thinking about this period and how everything flourished at that time. Thus today, we have it all.


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