Welcome to St. Paris

Wearing a black outfit and Chanel No.5, I spent this sunday afternoon in my favourite Parisian Park - the Park Hyatt. Being not only intrigued by the black & white concept that I adore, but also by the silent cinema of late 20's and early 30's, I decided to abolish my cinema strike that began in March this year after having seen the most awful film ,,Never let me go" and finally go to see ,,The Artist" directed by Michel Hazanavicius. And I suddenly understood what means the proverb: ,,Speech is silver, silence is golden". The film is just brilliant and I am not surprised why Jean Dujardin got the Best Actor Award in Cannes. Really excellent! According to that great silent experience, words are unnecessary as long as the music is awesome. And finally: ,,Silence is  a woman's best garment".


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