MILAN FASHION WEEK SPECIAL : Art, Fashion, Milan and We

And by ,,we"  I mean: me and my new fur because it is for two of us the very first time here. I arrived this morning, so just quickly after leaving my bags at the hotel, I went to see the next-to-last Fashion Show of Enrico Coveri. It is amazing how the city affects the ambience of the Shows. The concept is the same, but the style is so different. First of all, while observing the guests, I had the impression being in the 1920s even if I didn't obviously live at that time. Men were dandy, while women reminded me characters from a soap. Exactly the same was mirrored in the Coveri Show: men wear such a classic gentlemanlike style, while women had a style too kitsch.

I wanted to see the Roccobarocco Show after, but I had a date I couldn't wait any longer for: the date with the city. Milan. It did not overwhelm me from the very beginning. I know when such moments arrive and this love at first sight with a place just happened twice in my life: with Paris and Cannes. But Milan did surprise me. My excitement arose when I entered the Via Dante, then when I saw the Cathedral, but then I lost my mind: In the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II! It took my breath away and this does not happen very often. Then the second highlight arrived: the Italian January Issue of  Vogue! The top of an elegant creativity. It has been awhile that I saw such a great work. And then another top appeared: the Gucci Café I discovered just in time for teatime. The combination of those three elements: The highest highlight.. 


This day reminded me once again that heaven is on earth and when you find those rebellious angels who helps you to fulfill your dreams, wishes come true faster that you hoped for. And while a great evening with a friend in Poland I was told the words of a Polish celebrity:  ,,Who does not take the risk, will never drink champagne.." Anything to add..?


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