Paris is the Paradise to be..

The Rynshu Fashion Show this afternoon at the beautiful Westin Hotel couldn't be a more wonderful closure of the Paris Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012-2013. The amazing gold and leather elements used in the show fulfilled my heart with joy. As well as the place where the show took place. For me personally, the show cannot be amazing if the place isn't so. It is the overall ambience that makes the effect. In fashion and in life. 
My device for this year is that none moment is so good that it cannot get better. Thus after the great fashion impressions, I went to the Crillon for a wine degustation. And I couldn't make a better choice for spending a more unique evening. The power of love is undefinable and my love for Paris is limitless. But none moment is so good that it cannot get better, so tomorrow starts the Haute Couture Fashion Week.. Doesn't Paris make life worth living? 


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