After having received the Oscar nomination, I decided to see ,,The Descendants" this morning before my standard saturday Armani/Sorbonne schedule. The story plays in Hawaii, so elegance is not it's leitmotiv, nevertheless there is another as much as important: the family issue. Knowing who you are, were you come from and being surrounded and supported by people who care for you is the paradise on earth. 
But there is another issue that makes your life worth living: friendship. It is a treasure to find people you can communicate with on the same level. It enriches you more than you might guess. I met so many wonderful people on my way who shared so many amazing moments with me. And my Costes/Crillon and New York fortaste jazz concert-Thursday was such an amazing moment with such people.
Nevertheless, tomorrow some people will go to their sunday Mass and me, I am going to the airport, because it's time for Poland and family and the launch of my photography exhibitions.


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