Dance Your "World View"

What an amazing movie.. "The Iron Lady" directed by Phyllida Lloyd. Her braveness, her force of character and her energy were just unbelievable inspiring.. It was a pleasure to watch. 
But it was an honor to read that today my first report was published by the Culture Center in Kępno. I became a foreign cultural correspondent, so my articles will appear weekly every Wednesday titled "World View". A new adventure has begun..
This was the perfect occasion for a Chanel shopping, but I would go there anyway, so maybe this does not count..? Nevertheless, the legendary boutique at the Cambon street is a place I love truly, but an opening of another Chanel boutique is being prepared at the l'avenue Montaigne. I know the opening date already and I am very excited about this event, but I will keep it still secret and write you later about my impressions of this new Parisian place of pure elegance and class. So coming soon.. Meanwhile, let's dance our lives..


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