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New York, London, Milan and in 3 days finally, finally Paris.. Ladies and Gentleman, let's the Prêt-à-porter Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Paris Fashion Week begin..! It was the César Night yesterday in Paris, it will be the Oscar Night tomorrow in Hollywood, but in a few days there will be so many great Fashion Week Days and Nights.. By the way it is a shame that ''The tale of a fairy" by KL hasn't got any nomination or award.. Of course ''The Artist", who was the obvious winner with six Césars yesterday and who will probably have a similar success tomorrow, was really adorable showing this beautiful and classic black&white world of mute movies, but Mr. Lagerfeld's movie was a masterpiece as well. Like everything he touches. I loved the splendor, the opulent elegance and the luxuriousness so much.. It is so because I am in endless love with the aristocratic life of the Belle Epoque and ''The tale..'' mirrored exactly this kind of life but in an updated version. For me, this certain savoir-vivre is an essential part of life.. The quintessence of existence.. Unconditional. Nonnegotiable. Forevermore..


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