From Fashion with Love

It has finally started. Inaugurated by the Fatima Lopes Show who made an interesting location choice (Les Invalides) and an even more interesting music choice (live cello performance, inter alia with Nirvana ''Smells Like Teen Spirit") and who designed the most interesting hat collection I have ever seen. It was so good to be there. I rushed after to the Moon Young Hee Show at the Shangri-La, because this is a location I love truly. The collection was black and white, but wild, somber and melancholic somehow.. Thus I decided to spend my afternoon in this five star kingdom savoring a blue tea and trying to catch some light.. 
Tomorrow at 10 a.m. the Dévastée Show is starting another Fashion Day, another day of magic and beauty and terrific moments.. ADR is saying ''I don't want to be cool I want to be fashion". And she is.
Me, I want to live fashion. So I do.


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