Noon light at night

Today was a day when I got a twisted sense of time. I have spent a wonderful morning in an exterior pool and the freezing cold mixed with the hot water was just amazing to feel.
But even more amazing was the ballet "Orpheus and Eurydice" created by the German performer of modern dance and ballet director Pina Bausch that I saw tonight. I was overwhelmed by the lightness of dance.. and it's beauty. The perfect modern deco on stage contrasted so much with the sumptuous interior of the unique symbol of Paris - the Palais Garnier, known as the most famous opera house in the world.
If Orpheus did not look back at Eurydice while retrieving her from the underworld, he wouldn't lost her forever. The message is thus simple: while being on the stage of the world, look forward and never back.. And do not forget to enjoy the moonlight..


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