Perfect Days

I was very happy to meet Cézanne yesterday at the Musée du Luxembourg and to get know him better. Being surrounded with art makes me feel silent. But what attracted my attention most, was a sentence saying that Cézanne being 21 years old arrived in Paris in order to became a painter. That was his dream. Brave, wasn't it? And from art to sport: in a recent interview David Beckham said that for him the most important in life is dedication and staying focused on his dreams. And from sport to cinema: I loved the "J.Edgar" movie by Clint Eastwood I saw this week. It surprised me because it showed love with such a pureness and it was really beautiful to watch. A dedication to emotions.
It became a habit of mine to take my coffee at Armani between my saturday Sorbonne lectures. It became a habit of mine to enjoy every day as much as I can and it became a habit of mine to follow my heart.
It doesn't help when you listen, but you don't hear. It doesn't help when you watch without seeing. It doesn't help when you dream without transforming your desire into reality..


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