Fashion Dancing by Newton

It is just breathtaking when you enter the universe of Helmut Newton at the Grand Palais.. An universe of fascination.. An universe entirely dedicated to beauty and dominated by beauty. It is said that Chanel gave women freedom and Yves Saint Laurent the power, but in fact Helmut Newton gave them both. The exposition shows his love and passion not only for the work he did, but for life in general. The beautiful life. While watching the outcome of his Vogue or ELLE shootings, his portraits taken in Cannes, Monte Carlo or Los Angeles, freedom is in the air. The phenomenon of Helmut Newton is based on the absence of any barrier. He breaks all the rules, conventionalities while just concentrating on his own vision. Completely limitless. On the one hand, Newton is amusing himself by shocking the viewer, but on the other, he is revealing the viewer's inner desire for freedom.. 
The exposition is a spaceship created through the dialog between June Newton and Jérôme Neutres who managed to recreate his universe. It is a dream that should last forever..


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