Perfectly Perfect

The universe of Louis Vuitton is blooming just in time for spring.. Already the LV spring/summer 2012 collection was a prefect tale of beauty with such a lightness of colors and the adorable incarnation of a Snow White dream, but the fall/winter 2012/2013 was the best show of the whole season. Marc Jacobs took all LV admirers on a luxurious voyage. A train arrived on the runway from which models stepped out having each their own porter who carried their bags. It was such a marvelous concept. The show was like a play about an ancient aristocratic travel style. Travel with style seems to be the message of the show, even if life with style is the whole LV philosophy. And after this prêt-à-porter dream, another started.. The Louis Vuitton-Marc Jacobs Exposition at the Arts Décoratifs Museum in Paris. The first floor is showing the introduction to the world of Louis Vuitton when he founded his label in 1854. The famous LV trunks are the magic wands taking the visitors once again into the XIX century. The exposition is continuing with an incredible contrast to this classical world with the second floor devoted completely to Marc Jacobs, the creative director of LV for 15 years. He changed the LV image completely while giving it a touch of a fresh breeze from a new era. Marc Jacobs is saying about himself that he is consequently inconsequent and perfectly imperfect. But for me, Louis Vuitton is reaching a new level: the level of an even higher pure fashion perfection. Luxury and beauty and perfection have no limits. As has been proved by LV.. Consequently..


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